0C112502LB5538 P89785 guys’s salvo eight” water resistant metallic toe boot

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  • one hundred% leather-based
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about mid-calf” from arch
  • slip-resistant
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as the sector’s predominant producer of heavy system, cat earthmovers are acknowledged around the sector as a image of honest paintings, energy and integrity. Cat shoes makes boots and shoes based totally on those identical principals. The emblem has developed from paintings boots into a range of commercial and casual footwear built with the sole purpose of staying true to their original goal–developing authentic, hard-working boots and shoes.


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8 reviews for 0C112502LB5538 P89785 guys’s salvo eight” water resistant metallic toe boot

  1. Cody

    Simply put; I’m very underwhelmed with these boots.Caterpillar is a brand to live by in the world of heavy equipment, so I figured I was making a safe choice buying some boots from them. Not the case.They fit great, feel comfortable and don’t weigh a ton walking around, but that’s about all the positives I can mention.I’ve only had these boots for a few months, and I only drive truck, so it isn’t like I destroy boots for a living, in fact I’d like to think I’m fairly gentle on my footwear. These boots aren’t holding themselves together all too well with that being considered.First; they scuff like nobody’s business. They were once a nice glossy brown, but after about a week of light work… Sheesh.Second, the left boot’s lining is tearing away right at my ankle. I go to slip my boots on one morning and riiiip. I’m thinking I’m gonna try stapling it together, but I didn’t pay good money to fix something with staples.Third, my right boot’s eyelets are coming out. At some point, the rivets holding the eyelets together popped out. I have no idea when or where, but that’s not something a couple staples can fix.Fourth. The waterproofing. Yeah, they’re waterproof. Up to right underneath your ankle where the tongue splits from the rest of the boot. If I’m looking for a boot that is labeled as waterproof, I’m probably not buying them so I can walk over some spilled water on the kitchen floor.All-in-all, I don’t think I got what I paid for. Performance like this can be bought at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the price. I hate to post a negative review, but I paid for a better product than what I received. A much better product.Read more

  2. Rachel

    These were pretty low quality boots. I still don’t understand how some people say they are comfortable. I’ve been wearing boots since 2005 when i was in the military and have had multiple jobs which require steel toe boots and I’ve worn multiple type of steel toe and these were the worst ive worn. They look nice which is why i give a 2 star review but there is no support or comfort. The sole is rather weak and i can feel the whole sole flex downward while just standing and i only weigh 165 lbs. Boot soles are supposed to support your weight and when walking they are supposed to flex in the right spots. Also there is some sort of sowing inseam that sticks out in the heel and hurts the sides of your heels. My feet were killing me after a day of work. And on the 5th day of wearing them they felt worse. I went and bought some wolverines marauders right away and the first day i wore them i had no pain in my feet and they were just as brand new. So that should tell you something. So my advice is to go ahead and spend a little more and get some better boots.Read more

  3. Paul

    Good fit. I like the feel of the ankle and lacing. I use them mostly while I am cutting and splitting firewood for our use and our neighbors and also doing some forestry management. We live on a stony ridge so I need boots with a firm fit so I don’t slip on the slopes. A slip with a chainsaw running can be extremely dangerous.Read more

  4. Hudson Barry

    The value of these Caterpillar boots is right up there with my STIHL chainsaw. A huge improvement over the ASOLO hiking boots I used to use for my outdoor work (granted, my ASOLOs were meant for hiking, not heavy duty work). I got my feet sized in a boot store intending to get a pair of Rockies, but I then went and did my research online and honestly Caterpillar was the only brand that offered the right look (unlike some future space-cop boots you see all over the place). My criteria were 1) adequate insulation, 2) steel toe, 3) waterproof, 4) 8″ high and 5) a manly non-cheesy appearance. This boot fit the bill. When I opened the box and tried them on I knew they were the best boots I had ever owned. They are tough and comfortable (they could almost replace my slippers too). Great for any weather and terrain that I have so far encountered after having them for about a month (got them in January), and they are holding up well. Anyone looking for great work boots should get their feet sized and then seriously considering buying a pair of these boots before someone realizes their value and jacks the price.Read more

  5. theInspector

    Second pair of this boot for my husband who is a construction worker. After two years the first pair still is still in good shape…I just like him to have a back up while these are still available. He did get the wide this time because he is more comfortable having the extra room.Read more

  6. Josh G.

    …if you want the WORST boots sold on Amazon 😞. One month of wearing them, 2 of the speed lace hooks pulled out. I got those repaired. Then the inner lining (not the insole, the lining) came unglued causing the boot to slide around like a slipper.I’ve since given these boots to my dog for a chew toy. She seems to enjoy them more that I did.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    This is my third pair of Caterpillar 8” Salvo boots. They usually last me about two years. As a Land Surveyor in Florida, I put these boots to the test in nasty swamps, 13 hour days on construction sites, cutting line in thick woods, and LOTS of walking. They come with a removable insole, which I usually remove and toss in my sock drawer and re-insert about 10-12 months later which makes them feel like new again. They are fairly comfortable right out of the box, and only take a few days to break in. I tried a pair of Dr. Martens recently for a change, and was very disappointed when they started falling apart after a few months. I highly recommend the Caterpillar 8” Salvo, and will probably buy another pair soon as a backup.Read more

  8. freepup

    I wear these all the time. I have wore many steel toe steel shoes and boots over the years and I have wore nothing but Caterpillar for the last 10 years. I have had 5 pairs of them only the first 2 pairs have been thrown away! I cut wood in them weld in them work on my tractors in them, go on vacation in them, out to eat in them even to the mall with my grand daughter for a whole day of shopping in them! I have worked in either heavy equipment or the electronics fields all my life and had to wear steel toes and working inside a plant on concrete floors this boot is what I wore! The shoe store here where I was getting them has a price that is thirty dollars higher then here also! Great deal!!! Love my boots!!!Read more

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