0C1124DEHU7274 Elmer’s all purpose faculty glue sticks, cleanable, 7 gram, 30 be counted

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  • make sure this suits
  • by getting into your model variety.
  • bonds to paper, cardboard, foam board, show board, and more
  • washer-friendly, safe, acid unfastened, and picture safe
  • applies smoothly with out clumps
  • dries fast and colorlessly best for humanities, crafts, and college projects
  • includes: 30, 7 gram (zero. 24 ounce) washable glue sticks
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  • bonds to paper, foam board, cardboard, and greater
  • washes without problems off arms and out of clothes
  • non-poisonous and acid-loose
  • clear and colorless when dry
  • high-quality for humanities, crafts, and school tasks
  • elmer’s all purpose glue sticks (30 x 7g)

    elmer’s all cause school glue sticks offer a fun and clean way for youngsters to connect objects to paper, show board, cardboard, foam board, snap shots, and lots more. The non-poisonous glue sticks provide easy, clump-loose outcomes. In particular formulated to be washable, photograph secure, and acid-loose, elmer’s all purpose faculty glue sticks are smooth for kids to use and are clean to clean up.

    what’s in the field:

  • elmer’s all purpose college glue sticks, cleanable, 30 %
  • the glue with the orange cap

    children can glue on items speedy with elmer’s all purpose college glue sticks. Designed to move on smoothly, the glue dries speedy and is clear while dry.

    *the glue with the orange cap

    created with dad and mom and instructors in mind, elmer’s all cause school glue sticks are safe, non-poisonous, and cleanable. Elmer’s all reason college glue sticks easy easily off of fingers and out of garments for a laugh, no-mess gluing.

    for extra than 65 years, elmer’s merchandise had been the precise choice for notion and convenience. With a full variety of artwork, craft, restore, school, and workplace merchandise for each youngsters and adults, elmer’s continues you prepared for nearly any venture.


    4 Count, 30 Count


    Standard Stick

    8 reviews for 0C1124DEHU7274 Elmer’s all purpose faculty glue sticks, cleanable, 7 gram, 30 be counted

    1. 3D Print Wrangler

      I thought I was ordering normal sized glue sticks like I normally use. These are teeny little sticks. 30 of them and their little box fit in a small shipping envelope! These are way too small for glue sticks. Might work to put stamps on a letter but not much more. Also the Elmer’s glue sticks I’m used to have purple glue so you can see where you applied it. This box of sticks are all white glue (not very clear as dries white) and are not the same consistency of the regular sized purple glue sticks. They are much drier than the purple glue I normally use. And because they are drier to start with, they don’t seem to have any hold at all on paper or plastic. As soon as any heat is applied to a 3D printer heat bed the glued areas turn to flour like powder.Never thought I’d be disappointed in an Elmer’s product but I am in this case.Unless you are looking for lip balm sized glue sticks with little moisture, avoid these. (I missed the oz size when I purchased. I’ll take responsibility for that. But there’s not even a quarter oz of glue in them and then doesn’t stick to anything.) This is not the normal sized purple glue sticks from Elmer most people buy. They aren’t worth the price at all.Read more

    2. Z Mom

      It only came with 29 glue sticks. Seriously??? (I counted several times but if I miscounted please tell me).Read more

    3. Just trying to help =)

      This is buy far the best price around for glue sticks, and on top of that these are great Elmer’s brand sticks that really work well. At the dollar tree by me you can find a 2 pack of generic glue sticks for 1 dollar. These are no where near as good as Elmer’s and clump up when used. Not to mention Its 15$ for 30 of them and you still have to drive to the store.These were shipped next day to my house for 8.38 cents! This is a fantastic price for quality glue sticks.Let the crafts begin!! =)Read more

    4. Amazon Customer

      My kinder students ran out of glue sticks and many could not afford to buy new glue sticks. They started using the glue bottles but those are so messy. My students love these glue sticks (other brands are poorly made and cheap); but, overall these are best loved by my students and me. I know these glue sticks won’t last long because they are in constant use. So I’m hoping I can get a special price when I order again. Thank you very much!!Read more

    5. Kindle Customer

      I ordered Elmers All Purpose School glue stick 30 pack for a kids crafting class and extras for home use. My 3 year old and I found the small sticks worked well on foam and paper projects. I’m glad we have extras because my little one tends to leave the cap off for long periods of time and the sticks dry out.Read more

    6. GunShy

      I was extremely disappointed with these. I bought Elmer’s because I trusted the name. Had a “collage party” with some pals. I was gluing directly into a planner (so the whole thing was even weighted down at the end of the party).Two days later, I had to redo quite a few spots for fear I’d lose my cutouts. That was a real bummer.Now to be fair, my planner comes everywhere with me in my backpack, and it’s been very cold in Wisconsin. BUT I never leave it in the car–it goes where I go. So maybe it’s the cold affecting the adhesive, but that’s still a stretch.Next time, even though it’s more work, I’ll be using Mod Podge. :/Read more

    7. Heather

      With two kids in school, the beginning of school usually breaks my bank. I’m so happy to have found this deal on glue sticks here on Amazon. This pack contains 30 elmers glue sticks. Even with all the back to school sales, this pack is still cheaper by far! I have enough glue sticks for each child, was able to donate a few to each teacher and still have some left over to keep at home. I love that I was able to afford the brand name, washable, long lasting glue sticks for less than I would have paid for the generic ones. Elmers makes the best glue sticks. They’re so effective and last a long time. They stick to paper and fabric. You won’t find a better deal anywhere!Would make a great school donation or just great addition to your at home supply cabinet.Read more

    8. Sirena Rayleeta

      I bought these for home craft projects with my little girl. I even ended up using them to glue construction paper to a rewards book she took with her on a trip. Works great! Sticks well, doesn’t clump and so long as you have soe sense and don’t leave the stick uncapped or face down on carpet, I think they will last for a long time! She had a blast making Christmas decorations using them. So much neater than the squeeze and explode bottles we used as kids.Read more

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