0C1121U1KD5550 Men’s and ladies slip resistant work footwear

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  • imported
  • thermoplastic elastomers sole
  • heel measures approximately zero. 65
  • crocs at paintings: clogs designed with meals provider, hospitality, and healthcare employees in thoughts, making extremely good nursing shoes or chef shoes. They’re mild and supportive enough to get you via even the longest shifts.
  • smooth to clean & slip resistant: crocs bistro clogs are completely molded and smooth to clean by way of just the use of cleaning soap and water and permitting for a quick dry. Crocs lock slip-resistant treads come together to serve up the first-class non-slip footwear for women and men.
  • what size must i purchase?: these paintings footwear offer a roomy fit and we propose ordering a length down to the next biggest whole size.
  • enclosed toe layout: those clogs provide an enclosed toe layout and thicker metatarsal place to assist protect your ft from spills. Contoured footbeds make them the most secure shoes for men and women.
  • certified comfy footwear: crocs that are fully astm f2913-11 tested, ce certified. Meets or exceeds en iso 20347:2012, ob, src.

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select your culinary idea and serve up a few extreme consolation with those bistro clogs. Designed with food carrier, hospitality and healthcare people in mind, they’re light and supportive enough to get you thru even the longest shifts. Crocs lock slip-resistant treads, more protection at the toes, and a variety of shade options come together to help you serve up your satisfactory.


6 Women/4 Men, 7 Women/5 Men, 8 Women/6 Men, 9 Women/7 Men, 10 Women/8 Men, 11 Women/9 Men, 12 Women/10 Men, 13 Women/11 Men, 14 Women/12 Men, 15 Women/13 Men, 16 Women/14 Men, 17 Women/15 Men


Banana Print, Black, Black/Lightning Bolts, Food Print, Hemp Leaves, Hot Lava Print, Kaleidoscope, Navy, Tie Dye/Navy, White, White/Black, Rainbow Tie Dye, Slate Grey, Black/Multi Stripe, Black/Volt Green, Flame, Black/Multi Donuts, Black/Tangerine, Black/Pepper

7 reviews for 0C1121U1KD5550 Men’s and ladies slip resistant work footwear

  1. A. Schoonover

    I hate these shoes. Yes, I gave a five star rating and I hate them. I’m a cook and I have to wear non-slip footwear to work. I have tried MANY different non-slip shoes over the course of a decade and these are the most reliable, easiest to clean, affordable and utilitarian shoes I’ve found. My feet never hurt. Let me repeat that. My feet NEVER hurt. But here’s the thing. These shoes are so ugly. I hate wearing them. And they do not breathe at all. But they allow me to do my job without having to worry about my feet and that is legitimately all I can really ask of a work shoe. So I will continue to order these stupid shoes every 9-12 months when the non-slip bottom wears out until I graduate from college and can FINALLY tell the company for whom I work to suck it.Read more

  2. mama t.

    I got these on sale for $19. As a pro chef, I love these shoes. Even buy them for my cooks as gifts. Whereas danskos make my feet feel like hoofs, birks don’t last like they used to, and other company’s don’t fit well… these feel great on my feet. The only con is the swamp foot I get from them. They make my normally not-too-stinky feet smell bad. Bad as in unrecognizable, who left their corpse foot in my shoe, that can’t be me?! kind of smell. I also use a gel heel cup which helps with foot support after long days. However it rubs against the footbed and makes it sound like I fart when I walk. Which i’m okay with.Read more

  3. SleepingKnight

    Another reviewer said it best, but I hate these shoes so I’m giving them five stars. They’re crocs so they’re about as ugly of a shoe as it gets. I work in a greenhouse and my coworkers love to make fun of them. My coworkers also complain of hot feet in the summer and wet feet year round; many of them keep extra shoes at work. They also slip and slide on wet floors. I have none of those problems with these shoes. They’re built like tanks and the non-slip treads are the perfect solution to wet floors in the greenhouse. I’m on my second pair after finally wearing the treads off my first pair with a year and a half of almost daily use.As for shoe size, they tend follow the ski boot rule more than the sneaker rule. You don’t want wiggle room in a ski boot… ever so you get them at your actual foot size instead of the comfortable, roomier sneaker size. Measure your foot and order based on your actual foot size with a little wiggle room. For example, my ski boots are men’s size 8, my crocs are 9, and my sneakers are 10.Read more

  4. bendwriter

    I was specifically looking for a shoe to where in my wood shop, where I work on concrete floors for many hours at a time. I’ve tried everything from running shoes to hiking boots, and my feet were always sore at the end of the day. Based on the reviews and comments from other people who’ve used Crocs, I thought I’d give them a try. WOW! Super comfortable, like wearing sandals. Light, good support, and non-slip. My feet are much more comfortable throughout the day, and much less tired at the end of many hours of woodworking. And you can’t beat the price. They do run a little big, but not uncomfortably so. Highly recommended!Read more

  5. skithetrees

    I work in a production kitchen. We also make hand fries. So needless to say there is a lot of grease and water on the floor. I was afraid after getting fries smashed in the soles that they wouldn’t work as non slips. I was wrong they work great. I can almost run on the line now. Which is something I never would have considered. We all slide everywhere. Now I can actually walk! I am so glad I got these. Super light weight. I normally wear a size 11 in W. Which is also M9. They are roomy in the front of the foot. I like that since there are no air holes, my feet can still breathe. Consequently I need the heel straps. Ugly or not, no one is looking at my feet, they work! Me likey!Read more

  6. Fizzy Shellfish

    Crocs fit weird. I normally wear a men’s US size 9 or 9.5 in most shoes. With a regular, generic Crocs shoe I wear a Men’s 8 Women’s 10, and it is roomy. I got the Croc’s Bistro in Men’s 8 Women’s 10 and it fits much more like a normal shoe. I’m happy with the fit as it is a little more snug even with socks, but it is definitely smaller than the normal Crocs model. Overall, it feels less like a big rubber oversized clog and more like a regular shoe.That aside, I love this shoe. The non-slip bottom is really effective, much more so than the normal Crocs. I do not have sweaty feet, so the lack of holes is not an issue for me, even with thick socks— though I can see how this would affect people differently. The nubs on the footbed feel a little less prominent than on the regular Crocs, but it doesn’t make much difference. Comfort-wise? 9 out of 10. I do not have any weird foot issues, and I can wear these all day and feel great. There’s probably some other shoes on the market that can compare, but these are less than 40 bucks on Amazon, and I’d just as soon replace them a couple times a year than pay over 100 bucks for a single pair of work shoes.Looks-wise? You are wearing rubber clogs. Again, they are a little lower profile than normal Crocs, and the lack of holes makes them even less obnoxious. But I don’t wear them for fashion statements.If you need a very slip-resistant waterproof shoe that will protect your toes these are perfect… I wouldn’t trust these on ice, but they are perfect for indoor slippery floors. The back strap keeps them reliably on my feet when running up and down stairs. I still have a pair of regular Crocs for around the house and in the garden, but these are great for work. They are a marvel of function over form. The backs near the heel are low, so if you are doing really wet sloppy work all the time your feet might get wet that way… that’s the only criticism I can think of for these, and Crocs should look into developing a model for people who do that kind of work.Read more

  7. Liza Harvey

    I work in a hospital, so having no holes in my Crocs is a must! Because of our uniform requirements, this is one way I can express myself! My sister wears the same ones to work as a chef- the non-slip bottoms do their job!The only thing I would complain about would be that they get very hot due to having no holes in the tops or sides. My feet often get very sweaty, so if i bought them again, I would probably go a size up!Read more

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