0C111YBX309551 Minnetonka men’s double bottom fleece slipper

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  • sheepskin
  • suede sole
  • timeless style: minnetonka boasts a rich historical past that includes a subculture of cautious craftsmanship since 1946, turning in incredible exceptional shoes using only the finest substances to provide comfort, durability, and undying fashion with every step
  • at ease shoe healthy: the men’s fleece lined moccasin slippers are made to stretch to the contours of your ft and put on pattern over time, ensuring that each pair of sheepskin slippers fit snugly and getting greater comfy as you put on them
  • handy sizing: each pair of fleece lined slippers run proper to length; consult with the handy size chart icon to ensure accurate sizing earlier than buying; in case your ft are specific sizes, ensure to degree the bigger one for the first-rate healthy
  • mild and flexible shoes: constructed with layers of proper suede, this guys’s fleece coated moccasin provide a mild and bendy footwear even as preserving your ft heat on cold days; these are made long lasting and crafted with a distinctive look
  • product care: practice a suede protector before taking your men’s suede slippers outdoors; if scruffs happen, grasp a suede brush or toothbrush and gently rub the scruffs away; for harder stains, upload a dab of suede cleanser or infant shampoo

product description

due to the fact that 1946, minnetonka has been a staple of yank fashion. As publish-warfare americans took to the highways exploring the us of a’s herbal beauty, they stumbled upon lodges and memento shops sporting conventional home made goods. And within the method, rediscovered the united states’s original shoes in minnetonka moccasins.

these days, our products can be visible everywhere in the international—from the boundary waters of minnesota to the streets of new york, london, and tokyo. Regardless of the footprint, all are made with the same uncompromising craftsmanship using handiest the best pleasant substances. Minnetonka keeps to outline american culture with traditional design this is forever linked to our natural, unfastened-spirited history.

handy sizing

each pair men fleece slippers runs true to length. Check with the handy length chart icon to make sure correct sizing before buying. In case your feet are unique sizes, make certain to degree the larger one for the satisfactory healthy.

cozy snug in shape

these fleece coated guys’s slippers need to suit snugly on your toes without feeling uncomfortable. Through the years these slippers will stretch to the contours of your foot and put on sample, getting extra comfy as you wear them.

undying fashion and luxury

hand-crafted for a extraordinary look, those guys’s sheepskin slippers are crafted from two layers of true suede with fleece lining, retaining matters light and flexible while retaining your toes conveniently heat on cold days.

product care

practice a suede protector before taking your guys’s suede slippers outdoors. If scruffs show up, clutch a suede brush or toothbrush and lightly rub the scruffs away. For tougher stains, add a dab of suede purifier or infant shampoo.

* recommended for indoor use


7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13



6 reviews for 0C111YBX309551 Minnetonka men’s double bottom fleece slipper

  1. WaywardSand

    Minnetonka is just not what it used to be I guess.I have owned pairs of this slipper off and on over the years, with good results.. so when I ordered a pair recently I fully expected more good results.NOPE. Maybe my pair was just defective in some way… but I’m done with Minnetonka products. The top leather on the right slipper completely broke away from the seam just one week after first wearing. It looks like the leather was either weak or defective in some way as I have never seen this sort of defect in the past.$50 wasted on this purchase. Good bye forever Minnetonka.Read more

  2. balcerjo

    I ordered these just under a year ago and I loved them right away. They fit well, were comfortable, the soft sole was quiet while walking around the house, and the soft sole also meant I didn’t get static shocked when I got off my couch.I wore these almost every day for at least a couple hours around the house.I’m a little disappointed to report that the mocassins are tearing at the laces seam. This is really frustrating because everything else on the mocassins seems to be holding up really well, and I would have thought I’d easily get another year of use out of them.For something I enjoyed every day for almost a year, $50 isn’t terrible. I’ve definitely made worse purchases. Just frustrating that they’re failing in one spot, seemingly premature of the rest of the slipper.Read more

  3. Denogginizer

    Update 2 years later:I live in a Northern climate and work from home, so these slippers are on my feet from October through March for at least 8 hours per day.They are worn in the house and for quick trips outside to the mailbox, or to bring the dogs in, etc.After two years of high use, the slippers are definitely “worn in” but don’t appear close to being “worn out” (pictures attached).When I need new slippers, I will definitely be purchasing these again. However, I think I have at least two more years of use from the current pair.Warning, the soles of these slippers are very slick. They wear to a very smooth, almost glass-like surface.This does make them somewhat slippery on carpeted steps and incredibly slippery on snow and ice.They are so slippery on snow and ice that you’ll be head over heels before you know it.Original review:These definitely run small. I typically wear 11.5-12 US shoe size and needed to get the size 13 of these Minnetonka slippers. At first they were too narrow in the toe area, but after a week or so of wear, they are now a perfect fit.This is my third pair of “expensive slippers” in my life (I am pushing 50 years old) and all seem to have a short break-in period to really conform to your feet.The fleece lining keeps my feet warm (but not too warm) during a Michigan winter in a house heated to 68 degrees with wood floors.I would buy these again.Buy one size larger than your typical size.Read more

  4. John Techwriter

    I use moccasins as house-only slippers, and for summer want a lightweight pair that fits comfortably with or without socks. They need to be easy to get into and sufficiently flexible not to feel like shoes. I want my summer moccasins to have a lining, but not a wooly one. That would be too warm. A soft fabric will do.These Minnetonka moccasins have met all the above conditions. After a month I can attest they are breaking in nicely and wearing well. I expect several years of use, isolating my bare feet from the cold tile floor and clean enough to let me stretch out on the couch without being nagged to remove my footwear.I bought them in my regular shoe size and find them quite roomy. With socks they fit nicely. Without socks my feet swim around inside them a bit, but because I don’t wear them outside that isn’t an issue. Were I doing it over I’d probably stay with this size rather than a size smaller. A too-tight fit would, for me, be unacceptable. And because they’re roomy I can just slide my feet into them as I get out of bed rather than be required to put them on as I would shoes. Little things like this mean a lot as you are nearing retirement.In conclusion, I’m glad I bought these moccasins and recommend them. They aren’t cheap but for a mass-market product the money is well spent.Read more

  5. Love_Okinawa

    I’ve just purchased two more pairs of these for my husband. He’s found them so comfortable he’d forget to take them off to go outdoors. We don’t wear shoes inside our home which is why I ordered the second pair so he’d have a pair for indoors. We both prefer to wear soft soled slippers – these met that requirement. With his birthday and Christmas coming up I decided to order two more pairs so he’d have a spare. They DO RUN SMALL so order one size larger than you normally wear. He wears a 10.5 or 11 and these in a 12 fit him perfectly. Great pair of moccasins!Read more

  6. J. Michael Dearen

    Great moc but hey .. how about using some higher grade laces? Have bought two pair in the past year only to have the danged laces break.where they can’t be re-laced.Will give one more new pair a whirl but only because they are so comfortable.Update: Bought yet another pair and the top leather on the right slipper completely broke away from the seam just one week after first wearing.Trying on more time for another order and then I’m done with Minnetonka and downgrading from 3 star to 1.Second Update:Jeeez ya’ll. Get it TOGETHER!! Bought another FIFTY BUCK pair that lasted a WHOLE EIGHT HOURS before they blew out. Workmanship is pitiful. Out of the last three pair I’ve purchased only ONE PAIR has last more than two weeks. They keep blowing out in the same place; in the toe. And no .. they are not too small. If anything they’re a little loose. NO EXCUSE FOR THIS.I’m done.Read more

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