0C111XGLY7Z790 Safe paw, baby plant canine paw & pet secure ice soften -35lb, one hundred% salt/chloride free -non-poisonous, vet authorised, no concrete harm, fast performing method, final 3x longer

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  • humans & puppy secure – imagine an ice melt you can positioned down and by no means fear approximately. It gained’t harm animals or youngsters, and it received’t harm your house. That’s secure paw. Not like something else in the marketplace, secure paw can trade how iciness impacts our planet. Your grass, plant life, and foliage are safe! Safe on eyes, pores and skin and paws. It’s safe round and if ingested. First-rate of all: one hundred% salt & chloride unfastened.
  • soften at low temperatures – assured to melt at low temperatures (-2°f), it’s non-toxic and biodegradable
  • veterinarian endorsed components – unlike different puppy secure ice melts, secure paw’s patented components is assured to now not hurt human beings, pets, and the planet.
  • non-corrosive & lengthy shelf life – it’s non corrosive and non-conductive. No harm to delicate equipment or worry approximately short circuits. Get immediate melting without demanding about property harm. Focused method assures lengthy-time period, most effectiveness from season to season.
  • outstanding unfold rate – permits a typical again backyard to be dealt with to make a secure wintry weather play land for pets and people. Can be used for a long time on small and big areas.

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product description

the authentic and the number one pet and infant secure ice melter for over 20 years.

unused ice melt is right for years with a limiteless shelf existence. Secure paw is a patented twin-effect compound. The liquid aspect begins melting ice immediately while breaking its floor tension. This permits the crystal center to fast penetrate and destabilize the ice and accelerate the melting process. All this while secure paw proprietary traction agent presents slip safety. Secure paw draws warmth to make it even greater effective endothermic response takes gain of a sun effect.

  • non-corrosive and non-conductive formula – safe on cured concrete!
  • pet and child secure even though ingested.
  • focused formula – use ½ of what you will use with salt! Lasts 72 hours on the floor!
  • salt unfastened, chlorine free, acetate loose method.
  • how safe paw works

    unfold secure paw wherever you want to melt ice and snow.

    the safe paw crystal leaches out a deicing liquid which hastens the melting technique.

    safe paw penetrates ice and snow’s molecular structure and keeps water molecules from reforming into ice crystals.

    in 10 minutes, safe paw granules bore thru ice, destabilizing it.

    approximately safe paw

    safe paw turned into developed in 1998 out of necessity because not anything inside the marketplace met our standard of protection.

    as part of the gaia family of products, safe paw stocks gaia’s ongoing venture to provide products that uphold our dedication to sustainability.

    all merchandise made and assembled in the usa.

    5 reviews for 0C111XGLY7Z790 Safe paw, baby plant canine paw & pet secure ice soften -35lb, one hundred% salt/chloride free -non-poisonous, vet authorised, no concrete harm, fast performing method, final 3x longer

    1. jwel

      Hooray: Safe Paw, Boo: Paw ThawBoo: Paw ThawPaw Thaw’s description includes:• Will not harm your pet when used as directed*. The asterisk refers you to a footnote that says in uppercase letters: “When used as directed”Paw Thaw has a picture of a happy dog on the container.Don’t be fooled.Paw Thaw is less expensive than Safe Paw.You get what you pay for.Paw Thaw burns my dogs’ pads. (Safe Paw does not.)Paw Thaw is more likely to be ingested when your dogs lick their pads after coming inside.———————Hooray: Safe PawSafe Paw guarantees include:• Safe around pets (paws, eyes, and skin)• Safe if pets eat, swallow, or ingestWith Safe Paw, my dogs don’t lick their pads while outside or after coming inside.Bottom Line:Not only is Paw Thaw less effective than Safe Paw, chances are greater it will harm your dogs when they walk on it and when they lick their pads.I’ll play it SAFE and stick with SAFE PAW. To save money, I keep four plastic jugs and refill them from the 35-pound containers. With four feet of snow and temperatures below zero, I need all the help I can get to protect my dogs.Read more

    2. CHemenway

      This does everything it claims — but you have to use it correctly. (It amuses me when people complain about products they’ve clearly misused.) Not too much, not too little, and spread evenly. Some trial and error might be needed, depending on the severity of the conditions. For example, I found it won’t melt through thick layers of ice, but it will get the process started and begin breaking it up, adding traction. Then I add a little more after that, until the ice is gone. I’ve found it works best when it’s spread before the forecast calls for ice or snow.Rock salt I’ve used may have clipped right through ice, but at a severe cost that I’m not willing to incur. Safe Paw Ice Melter is non-toxic and, after our dogs sniff a little and try it out, they lose interest. Off we go for a run or walk, and all I have to clean up is wet paws, not bleeding pads.In the DC metro area, ice is a serious issue because we frequently warm up during the day and re-freeze at night. I’ve owned several rescued dogs who have been through enough, including a border collie mix now with paw fur that catches everything, and I sure don’t want them to get sore paws or sick from salt products. Nor do we want our and neighborhood kids crashing to their butts. When you use it judiciously, as it recommends, it lasts quite awhile.Some people note that the pellets seem to “melt” the ice only around each pellet, but that’s not the case. It might look that way, a bit pockmarked, but the meltwater appears to spread the components so the whole surface is affected. I’m guessing that’s why they suggest you spread it evenly but not too thinly or thickly.I would recommend buying one 8-lb container plus the better-value bucket — then refilling the container and using that because it has a convenient shaker lid you can turn shut, from which it’s easy to broadcast. I keep mine by the door outside and it stays dry.Happy crunching!Read more

    3. vac

      Unlike most ice melters that claim to be safe for pets and safe for concrete, brick, etc, Safe Paw is actually safe for all of these things. Safe Paw does not contain any form of salt, including no rock salt. Contrary to the claims on the packaging of most rock salts, including those marketed as pet safe, rock salt is not safe for pets and not safe for concrete. Rock salt will damage concrete over time. Any form of salt (calcium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, fill-in-the-blank chloride) is hazardous to your pets and property.I originally started using Safe Paw before I had a dog. I started using it for the safety of my concrete driveway and sidewalks and for the safety of my brick steps. Safe Paw will not damage concrete or brick. We now have a dog and are glad that Safe Paw exists for her paws sake.Pros: Safe Paw effectively melts ice and helps prevent its return if there is a followup storm. It is actually safe for pet paws. It won’t damage driveways, steps, sidewalks, lawns, etc.Cons: It costs more than rock salt based products. However, you do not need to use as much. It is also harder to find.Read more

    4. Lou Gastuch

      I bought the 35# bucket. We have multiple cats and a long gravel driveway in a rural area, so … yeah, 35#.Sorry to say, I couldn’t see the bottom of the damnably difficult-to-open bucket soon enough. I needed a box cutter to free the tab on the “zip strip” to open the bucket. The lid has a lovely water-seal gasket that falls out when you look at it sideways.We ended up with record-setting cold and then got dumped on with ice and snow. (As did a LOT of Midwest US folks.) This product could NOT keep up with the cold, and barely dented the ice. I just gave heartfelt thanks that I also ordered a different product which DID cut through the ice and snow.Sorry, but no repeat orders from me.Correction – no, I’m NOT sorry.Read more

    5. Ally

      As homeowners and dog owners, it was tricky to balance keeping the sidewalks walkable without hurting our dog’s paws. She’s pretty sensitive to salt and other quick ice melts, but also really hates walking in the snow. This works really well for us, doesn’t bother her feet at all, and it’s nice to have the big bucket so we can refill our original container. It seals quite well and we haven’t had issues with it clumping in the bucket. I always shovel before putting it down if there’s a good bit of snow, so I don’t know if it would melt through inches of snow, but it works pretty quickly and keeps things safe (and they dry off more quickly than our neighbors walks, too). I don’t use it on our steps, as they’re carpeted, so I can’t speak to that, but it works well on our sidewalk and doesn’t seem to be degrading the concrete. You don’t have to use a ton for it to work, either. We’ll definitely buy again once we run out.Read more

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