0C111IITGWN452 Men’s storm stretch overshoe

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  • 100% stretch rubber
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • water-resistant overshoe stretches to suit over your footwear for safety from rain, snow, and salt damage
  • traction outsole
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product description

shield your workplace-equipped shoes with the typhoon stretch overshoe from tingley. The design offers full-coverage protection at the same time as the textured sole lends grip for those slick city sidewalks.

tingley’s water-proof overshoes defend your shoes from rain, snow and salt harm. Designed for added traction on slippery surfaces, the fashionable line suits over surely every shoe fashion and size. Made to remaining, those products are sponsored by using a long history of tingley rubber exceptional and performance.


9.5-11, 11-13, 13-14, S(6.5-8US Mens/5-6.5US Wmn), M(8-9.5US Mens/6.5-8US Wmn)



8 reviews for 0C111IITGWN452 Men’s storm stretch overshoe

  1. Ohio Guy

    Like other reviews have said, buy the next size up. I wear a men’s 10 1/2 EEE. I bought the XL size for 11 – 13 mens. They fit perfectly, not lose at all and not too tight. So far I’m happy.Also, this product is intended for Dress Shoes, NOT sneakers. The XL size does not fit my 10 1/2 EE Asics but really I didn’t expect it to.So far they have held up well in all this snow we’ve gotten. The textured rubber sole has provided good traction even on ice. I like these better than the Totes brand.The only thing I don’t like is the “tongue” on these. I guess they thought the “tongue” ads “style” but it constantly catches my shoe and it rolls under when I put them on. It’s annoying and seriously it’s a black rubber shoe cover, there is no style!Pros:1 Decent traction2 Keeps Dress Shoes dry3 Holding up against road salt & ice melt4 Seems better made than other brandsCon’s:1 Annoying “tongue” design rolls under when putting them on.Other thoughts:1 Runs a size small (could be a con too I guess)2 Product is NOT intended for sneakers.Read more

  2. StanM

    Tingley overshoes (or galoshes, or rubbers) have been a quality addition to my footwear wardrobe for over fifteen years now. These are the latest purchase. While not so commonly seen now, these really earn their keep. Tingley makes these tough and durable; most of mine have lasted 2-5 years with fairly stringent use. For routine use, they keep my shoes (and feet) dry walking to and from my car at my employers not-so-well-drained parking lots. When traveling, they make any pair of regular shoes double as rainwear or snowwear without taking up very much space in the suitcase. I have worn one pair for a solid week and a half while traveling in Italy; I put another pair over my sneakers and hiked in the mountains in Vermont in the spring (can you say “mud”?). For the business traveler in winter, they will protect your good leather shoes against road salt, snowmelt, and rain while being compact and removable if the weather is good. I really can’t praise these galoshes enough.Read more

  3. Scott NYC

    These rubber loafers are a real life saver for me. I can’t wear snow/rain boots due to a disability. The overshoes fit easily over my custom-made shoes, with tread keeps me safe when walking city sidewalks on sloppy weather days. This type of overshoe is designed to fit snugly, but because Tingleys are thicker than other brands they can be tricky to fit over your shoes. Totes may slip on more easily, but in my experience they wear out more quickly than Tingleys. I find that using a dry type silicone lubricant spray on these shoes keeps them pliable and easy to pull on. This spray also keeps the surface looking new. Once a year I spray them inside and out then wipe them lightly with a soft cloth… this keeps them in good shape. The dry silicone spray doesn’t transfer onto my leather shoes and it’s also useful around the house. I hope this helps!Read more

  4. S. Freud

    I wear a size 11 shoe. I ordered the XL size to fit size 11 – 13 medium. The overshoe was one size too small when I tried it on. It did not fit in the heel and was very tight. When you buy these overshoes you need to put the toe part on first and really pull as much as you can to try and stretch it out so that it will cover the heel part of your shoe. My shoes have thick soles and did not fit. However, if the soles of the shoe were relatively thin, then it might have fit.Read more

  5. David A. Frances

    I am a 52 year old professional male who wears size 10 D-width Allen Edmonds dress shoes. The large size fit over my shoes perfectly, and slipped on with little to no effort. These are perfect for helping to protect my expensive dress shoes from the Pacific Northwest winter weather.Read more

  6. G. Gonzalez

    I am glad I went with these. I thought about spending $80 on some other name brand ones but these fit the bill and work as expected! I followed what the other reviewers said I wear a size 9 shoe so I went with the Large.Read more

  7. David H.

    These are the first rubber overshoes of this kind, that I’ve bought, that fit. They don’t seem to stretch as advertised. I had mediums, that were supposed to be appropriate to my shoe size (9 to 9-1/2), but I had to go to extra large to find a pair that fit. Now that I’ve found a good fit, I like the overshoes very much. They seem sturdy and designed to provide very good protection.I definitely give them five stars for that! And I don’t think that the size issue is peculiar to this brand, because I had some others that were a different brand, and had the same problem. Maybe it’s me??Read more

  8. Dflynn95

    Found myself in a different environment, before I went from my garage to an enclosed parking area. Now, changing jobs, I am parking in a open air parking facility. So, I wanted covers to protect my dress shoes. I wear predominately Allen Edmond shoes and I will admit some styles can be rather bulky at the base, but that is why they are so comfortable.My first order of Tingley’s cover honestly felt like they were way too tight to even try to “put on, take off at office, then put on again”. I’m fairly strong, and these things had me! So, I ordered the size larger. In the mean time, Shoes on the Go contacts me to inquire my satisfaction, something I truly admire. Told them my concern on tightness, and additional order of a larger size. They were very accommodating, they wanted me happy.As it turns out the size above … well I will step right out of them! So, the solution for me: I have a pair of dress shoes, slip-on, that will be dedicated to these covers during inclement weather, I will leave my “dress” blacks and browns at the office and simply change over. Is it a bit of a hassle? Maybe, but I have some Edmonds over 10 years old, and still want to keep them, these covers will help.Would I recommend this product, absolutely. I would caution that you are asking them to protect your shoes, and in doing so the fit may be tight and you may need to alter your pattern during the times these are necessary. Other than that, we are getting at least 3″ of snow tonight, and my “walk-in” shoes with cover are ready!Read more

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