0C111CXJ363343 Redfeather snowshoes kids’ snow paw

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  • make certain this suits
  • by using entering your model variety.
  • for a while 3-6
  • a fantastic snow present leaves a huge footprint
  • smooth to strap binding
  • decking: brilliant decks: light blue with vibrant crimson binding or dark blue with vivid green bindings.
  • light-weight so they’re easy for kids to trek alongside. They come whole with clean-on, clean-off binding.
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product description

make bigfoot tracks! Snowpaws are fashioned like a bear paw and leave tracks within the snow. Complete with clean-on, clean-off binding. Great tracks mean plenty to do and video games to play. Hallelujah, you sooner or later get to move snowshoeing without a kicking, drooling load on your lower back. You’re looking for kids’ snowshoes and that is an excellent day. Not most effective does this imply the little rascal can walk on his own, however with those snowshoes your children simply can be able to maintain up with you. Top questioning.


Light Blue/Pink, Violet

8 reviews for 0C111CXJ363343 Redfeather snowshoes kids’ snow paw

  1. James Cotsonas

    I got these for my 4 year old daughter thinking she could learn to snowshoe with my wife and I. She kept falling in them. Her toes keep digging in to the snow. Should have not cheaped out and bought her real snowshoes with the curled up front to prevent the toes from digging.Read more

  2. Robin K.

    Bought these for my 5 year old granddaughter.We went on snowshoe trails.Easy for her to maneuver and she was thrilled to leave”werewolf”tracks.Read more

  3. Sara h.

    Don’t waste your money, first use plastic broke on all 3 pairs that were purchasedRead more

  4. Frosty

    Our of fun without saying great snowshoes,this product is very high quality, they fit and adjust perfectly and my son love the prints on the snowshoes now pretending he was a bear!Read more

  5. Jaime Larson

    4 year old can make them work but the tips instead of lifting tend to dip forward. If they balanced better they would be 5 star.Read more


    The front of the snowshoe is wide enough to cause difficulty for smaller kids. We swapped our 5 year old’s for our 3 year olds and they were both betterRead more

  7. Mark Rutherford

    These are garbage. They’re like a cheap plastic toy version of snowshoes. No grip whatsoever. My 4 yo couldn’t stand up or walk on hard pack snow with slush. Better off in shoes.Read more

  8. MJ

    We were disappointed to see the bottom of the snowshoes. The whole point was so my son could make “monster” prints, but the prints are on the top. The bottom is cut out. Also, they would not stay on my son’s feet. If I had known what the bottoms looked like before I bought them, I would have just bought the cheap ones ($10) from Kinneys.Read more

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