0C111CS3E2H121 Crescent moon gold 12 aluminum snowshoes for going for walks

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  • make certain this fits
  • by means of coming into your model quantity.
  • 8. 5 x 24, three. 1 lbs. In line with pair, recommended for everybody walking, training or racing
  • the race version of the unmarried pull loop binding is made in particular for athletic footwear. It captures the complete foot for a stable and at ease sense. In no way desires readjustment like webbing straps do.
  • platform: the tear drop shaped frame offers exquisite maneuverability without loss of flotation. The decking is light-weight, long lasting, and quiet – incredibly distinct from plastic snowshoes.
  • 3 high profile, aluminum crampons strategically positioned under foot provides competitive grip in all terrain and features a unique toe claw where your foot receives its strength and push when climbing
  • made in boulder, colorado, america the usage of environmentally considerate manufacturing approaches and components. Our snowshoes are 95% recyclable thru our take again software.
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capabilities of the gold 12 walking snowshoes via cresent moon tapered teardrop shape light-weight race binding, suits up to size 14 three aluminum claw device presenting the intuitive toe claw layout teardrop shape frame for a natural stride and most efficient flotation tig welded powder coated aluminum body for more power and durability the spl binding distributes the tension equally around your foot to offer the best viable suit. Tgs decking material is stable and durable in all snow situations. Incorporates no %


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8 reviews for 0C111CS3E2H121 Crescent moon gold 12 aluminum snowshoes for going for walks

  1. Cianne Perrino

    I wanted to love these snowshoes. I haven’t been able to run since having one knee reconstructed after an accident and running was my sport. Then I discovered that running on the snow provided enough cushioning that it’s more like running on an elliptical machine, something I could do if I had one. I was running on my regular MSR snowshoes which aren’t made for it, so when I saw these, I was very excited.The first problem is that the crampon hits right in the arch of your foot. Or, at least, my foot. I am a size 7 womens so maybe if you’ve got a bigger foot this wouldn’t be a problem. Because of the way the binding is set up you’re pretty much locked into where your foot goes. Supposedly they don’t come in mens or womens. I didn’t check to find out if it could be moved in any way because of the second major problem.These snowshoes are great if there’s about 4-5″ of powder. Less and they’re very uncomfortable because the crampon digs into your arch. More and they’re useless. I took them in moderately deep snow and it was worse than wearing no snowshoes at all. Your foot gets trapped in the snow and requires major effort to pull it back up. They act sort of like anchors. If you have knee problems, you don’t want something sucking that hard on your feet because it puts a major strain on your knees. Even the most “groomed” place I snowshoe has varying terrain…I can’t choose the conditions. I realize they aren’t made for deep snow, but who goes snowshoeing and doesn’t have to traverse at least patches of moderately deep snow at times?I was very disappointed because a running snowshoe is a fabulous idea. For now, I’m sticking with my MSRs. They work well in all kinds of terrain so I’m never caught out, and I can run in them. They may not be as sleek as these – and these ARE sleek – but they work.Read more

  2. g. Anthony Kunkel

    Light, durable, and inventive, but the length doesn’t allow me to truly run like I can in Northern Lites, or other shorter ones. Just round out the butt of um a little and you’ll be on to something I think.Read more

  3. mld

    I ran in these on an unplowed bike path this winter, and loved it! I have a whole new take on winter now – I see it as a great opportunity to get outdoors and have fun running in cool places that I couldn’t get to without snowshoes, rather than as an inconvenience that results in clogged roads and mounds of snow littered with trash.Read more

  4. Love it, hate it, read it, watch it.

    I have never worked so hard trying to run such a short distance… them. Easy too put on without taking your gloves off, stay secure and in place on your feet. Great on hard packed snow. If you live somewhere with snow cover, but not enough for x country skis these are the perfect solution, outdoors having fun.Read more

  5. Richard E Miller

    I will not buy from Moosejaw again. I emailed their customer service and they never got back with me. Crescent Moon gets the five Stars for resolving my issue below and having the best snowshoes I have ever owned.The left binding strap was fed through the back clamp in the wrong direction so it is hard to tighten. They need to work on their manufacturing and quality control processes.For the family I own 5 other sets from 3 different manufacturers and these are by far the best design I own. I did 4.2 miles on my first outing and it was as though I didn’t have anything on my feet. The toe design allows the foot to rotate with a normal gate while walking or running. The taper in the heels keeps them from clanking together.This rating will go up when my issue is resolved.Read more

  6. benjy1507

    These made running in the snow fun. One tiny niggle, the strap retainer on one shoe fell off after on outing, they need to be designed to stay on the strap. Not a huge deal, I just replaced it with a zip tie. Otherwise perfect.Read more

  7. Stepmo

    The one pull binding. Get in, Get out, Un like all the others, No stepping on your tails,It’s like not having SS on at all!Read more

  8. mico

    Never snow shoed in my life but these where so great, it felt like I was just walking. Used it on flat and hill elevation!Read more

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