0C111BNR3WP849 Guys’s 2nd shift work boot

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  • 100% leather-based
  • imported
  • synthetic sole
  • shaft measures about 6. Five” from arch
  • heel measures about 1. 5″
  • platform measures about 0. Seventy five”
  • lace-up tender-toe work boot in leather providing hex-form grommets, pace lacing shaft, and luxurious logoed collar
  • goodyear welt creation
  • nylon sockliner and lining
  • oil-resistant traction outsole
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as the world’s essential manufacturer of heavy gadget, cat earthmovers are acknowledged around the arena as a symbol of honest work, strength and integrity. Cat shoes makes boots and shoes based on these same principals. The emblem has developed from work boots into more than a few commercial and informal footwear built with the only cause of staying actual to their authentic intention–creating genuine, tough-running boots and footwear.


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Black, Dark Brown, Honey, Tan, Brown

7 reviews for 0C111BNR3WP849 Guys’s 2nd shift work boot

  1. P.A.

    I dont leave a lot of reviews but these boots are so great, I fet compelled to leave one. I have had them for almost 6 months now. I wear them everyday or at least 5-6 days a week. I work in construction and I put these boots through hell everyday. They step on nails, (never had a puncture), go through water puddles (never penetrates to my feet), kick heavy trash and debris and they hold up very solid. They are also comfortable. They broke in easy and they feel good on my feet. These are Great work boots at a great price. I highly reccomend them.Read more

  2. GardenMonkey

    Update: I rate this boot as complete garbage. After months of owning them they haven’t gotten any more comfortable. This is at least my fifth pair of this model boot. Maybe my sixth. I hadn’t bought a pair in a while because I didn’t need boots for work. My current position requires boots so I went back to my old standby. Not the same boot. Very disappointing. Worse materials and they look cheap. This looks to me like a case of “this product has a great reputation so let’s cut every corner we can and sell them for the same price”. They look like $20 boots and the part of the upper that wraps around the leg is so stiff and unforgiving that it feels like wood pressing into the side of my leg. I still have a pair of my old ones that I bought six or seven years ago and even though they are totally worn out they are obviously made of better materials. I’m sorry to lose my old standby. Second Shift was formerly a great boot. Not anymore. Complete garbage.Read more

  3. DesertGypsy

    After 10+ years, two continents, countless miles trekking on everything from 120+ degree desert, through rivers, over boulders the size of homes, digging my truck out of the snow and mud, stomping heads in the mosh pit, and working 10-12 hour shifts as a bartender/barback in Vegas casinos and strip clubs (OMG, the fluids that these have seen!). More than a few night running from jealous husbands, angry hookers, pissed off lovers, and some people that maybe couldn’t take a joke. I’m finally retiring my old pair, only because, much like a few of my ex’s, the soles are gone.I bought another pair, as I don’t do nearly as much of that stuff as I use to (yaa Adulthood) so I am willing to bet the next pair I buy will be 20 years from now. See ya then.Update: These boots are disappointing me. The built quality is no where near where it was. After a year of mostly sitting in an office and light yard work they look and feel like crap. I have all but tossed them in the trash. Time for me to move to Durashocks I guess.Read more

  4. Andrew Kane

    Got these boot cause people said they helped with plantar fasciitis. Well they do. They have a stiff sole and not a lot of padding which maybe me second guess buying them. After the first day of wearing my foot pain was cut in half. My guess is they keep your foot from over flexing. I am on ladders a lot I think It keeps my feet from arching over the rungs. They have stiff leather and they need to break in so bring your old boots to work. After a few days of breaking in they are great. The only problem was the stiff upper collar put pressure on the side of my legs but went away after the fifth wearing. Would like to see these boots with a nylon mesh sides for a cooler boot.Up date after 2 months of wearing, the inside of the boot’s heel fabric got holes in them. It’s made of a mesh which got holes in them. Why not make them of leather? Enclosed is two pictures of both boots with the inside heel fabric torn.9/2018. Update. After wearing these a couple months my feet are now starting to hurt on the front balls of my feet. Planters fasciitis pain is better but still there. I’ll give them another month or less before I have replace have to replace these out. Went from 4 stars to 3.Read more

  5. Willem P. Maal

    I bought two pair of these boots: I used one pair intermittenltly during about a year. Not more than maybe once a month, driving a farm tractor. They fit fine, and felt comfy. After about a year, one of the soles on one of them started to let go at the seams. It was disappointing and indicative of shoddy/cheap workmanship. I opened the second box of exact pair, to use while I had the other pair repaired by shoemaker.ON THE FIRST DAY I wore the second pair, just while doing some off-road driving and walking, the left sole came COMPLETELY unglued en flapping around. It seems the sole is attached to to shoe by stitching ONLY at the toe! ANd only a few stitches (4?) at that.This is UNACCEPTABLE for any type of shoe!!!! These I would therefore consider PURE JUNK and worthless. Maybe if a shoemaker/repairman could stitch the entire sole, of glue really well, they could hold up. AS is, they should be avoided!!!Read more

  6. IShopHere

    These boots are decent for what I do. I walk a lot of stone and steel. Nearly a year after purchasing, the soles are still in tact which is a surprise considering it’s a significantly cheaper boot than what I’ve bought in the past.The problem is, these are very uncomfortable to walk on stone with. I can feel every bit of what I step on. I had been meaning to get some Dr. School’s gels to insert, but the insole cannot be removed so I decided to wear them for a while until the insole was, maybe, pushed down enough to be able to fit a gel insole on top.I didn’t realize that it’s been nearly a year since I bought these, but finally purchased the gel insoles. Today will be my first day with them, and they are a bit tight, but necessary if you’re planning on walking on stone/ballast with these.They’ve held up, just wish the insole was either more comfortable, or removable to be able to insert a more comfortable one as soon as purchased.Read more

  7. Dano Bardwell

    I am an armature woodworker and a lot of it is done out of my garage. Living in Texas, there are actually times when it is just too hot to work in your garage with dust flying even at 11 to 12 in the morning. With that, As hot a summers can get, cold air blasts during the winter can ruin a what could be considered a perfect “in the shop” day. I bought these boots specifically for those cold days in the shop and could not have made a better choice. They are not too heavy, give perfect support and keep me and my Carrharrt Overalls warm from the bottom up. I am very happy with this purchase.Read more

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