0C111AIGPP7260 Mens high top stretch overshoe

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  • one hundred% natural rubber
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • heel measures about four inches”
  • gloves, eyewear, ear safety, masks & apparel
  • the product is ankle excessive overshoe
  • the product is 100% water-resistant safety
  • reinforced heel and toe is designed to get up to tough day by day wear
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6-8, 8-9.5, 9.5-11, 11-12.5, 12.5-14, 14-15.5



4 reviews for 0C111AIGPP7260 Mens high top stretch overshoe

  1. Rick

    My professionally measured shoe size is 9.5 EEE, but buying shoe’s at the every day box stores that size range changes to get a pair that fit. Most of the time my purchase ranges between 10 to 11 D, so I was a little worried about what size to buy in this cover shoe. I ordered the 9.5 to 11 size…AKA large… and the cover shoe fits all my size ranges I mentioned with a little room to spare. But if I go smaller I don’t think they will fit well without fighting to take them off. For the clown shoe comments, they are right, these do have that appearance because of the broad toe design, they kind of look like Clogs with a heel. To be honest I believe these were designed for working man’s boots, not to cover my gym shoes. The material seems to be of good quality only time will tell. So I will keep these and not worry about getting wet feet and having to dry out shoes when I go camping, work on a wet lawn, or in a muddy situation.Read more

  2. NM

    This review is for the Tingley 1300 “Work Rubber Stretch Overshoe” Size 2XL (12.5 – 14). Went with the 1300 over the 2300 series as it appears the 1300 is a simply larger version of the 2300. As I was aiming for WIDE Feet the 1300 seemed the safest bet. Both versions were for Round Toe shoes as opposed to the Pointy Toe dress shoe variety. I was hoping to use the 1300 for both my work shoes and sneakers.Fit perfectly, or as perfectly as one could expect with shoes being basically random in size/cut/shape. In a Perfect World I should take a Size 10 Wiiiiiide, but on Earth at the local discount shoe places I end up hunting for Size 12s that have a “roomy” cut to them – if I am lucky.Ex1: My sneakers are a Size 12US / 46.5 EUR and measured about 4.5″ by 12.5″ at the widest/longest points.Ex2: My work shoes are a Size 12US / 46 EUR (smaller?) yet measured about 4.75″ by 12.75″ at the widest/longest points.So I would assume the sizing of shoes isn’t exactly standardized, so one should take this into account when ordering.One Amazon reviewer mentioned calling Tingley directly, and I looked up their contact number off their website of spoke with them on the various sizes and opted to go with what everyone suggested – the larger one – and it worked.So far as how the larger of the Size 12s fit in the 2XLs, they fit with a tiny bit of room to spare, which seems logical as the 2XLs are supposed to hold up to Size 14 conventional shoes. The shoes in question were about 4.75″ by 12.75″ and I’d say the 2XLs measured (on the outside) about 5.25″ x 13.5″. It seems like I could have gone with the 1300 XLs, but then I would have to stretch them to insert the shoes and over time that could lead to tearing. Slightly Larger seems better as my old pair of Totes(?) was an Exact Fit, and after a few uses they tore to shreds with the added stress of stretching-to-fit. The 2XLs seemed to almost come up to the tops of the ankle-areas around both shoes, which were about 4″ tall.Use:I slid them on-and-off the two different Size 12s a few times and tried walking around in them. No issues. Obviously they looked a bit on the weird side as seamless black rubber isn’t a normal shoe style, but when the snow comes no one is going to notice or care. :)Not much snow in September 2017, so can’t say how well they handle, but at present would say So Far So Good.Unrelated – Sizing Info:Customer service gave me measurements on the various sizes, but I am not sure if the measurements were for the outside or the inside as my attempt to measure the 2XL was different. However the figures do show the variance between sizes, and that the width of the 2XL appears to be the same as the width of the 3XL. Here are some of the sizes for the 1300 (based on info over the phone).XL 11-12.5 = 5.05″ x 12.9″2XL 12.5-14 = 5.12″ x 13.3″ – I measured about 5.25″ x 13.5″ and did not count the little .25″ piece at the heel.3XL 14-15.5 = 5.12 x 13.7″Unrelated – Packaging:The 1300s came in a thin cardboard box inside a “resealable plastic shipping bag”. There was a note on the bag itself to “save the bag” so that one could re-seal it to return the product should that prove necessary.Will try to include a picture if I can figure out which additional cross-site script setting needs to be “allowed” to include pictures. :)Read more

  3. Kyle

    These rubbers are something I got because I have to unload in a field one to four times a day. I bought boots for work but they were not waterproof and the mud would cling to the lugs of the treads and get everywhere as it dried and fell off. I don’t like wet feet but waterproof boots would have been another large expense and wouldn’t solve the mud issue. Then I remembered that my father had worn rubbers on his boots in the winter when I was a kid. So I went looking for rubbers, and found these at Tractor Supply. They didn’t have my size so I found them on Amazon.These fit over my boots snugly and I have been wearing them daily since getting them. I leave them on my boots because I suspect that taking them on and off throughout the day would be a pain. Putting on your boots with these on them is a little tighter because the rubber is constricting things. Make sure you get a big enough rubber so it fits but doesn’t make you feel like you’ve been born to a wealthy family during the Five Dynasties period.I was worried about how they would put up with the metal anti-slip ladder rungs and catwalk on my tanker but they have not suffered any tears yet. They seem to be very durable. The added sole thickness has not been a problem driving and the tread is adequate for traction in mud and snow. Mud does not clump in the treads and comes off easily. It’s nice that I don’t have to think about stuff soaking into the leather of my boots and adding to their bouquet.In appearance, these kinda look like you are wearing a rubber type boot if your pant cuff rests on top of your shoe as is normal fashion. If your inseam exceeds that of your pants then you will look like you are wearing rubbers. Most who have never seen them won’t be old enough to know the jokes, which is nice.Read more

  4. bjs

    Wow. These are really nice men’s rubber overshoes. I was looking for some to wear over my women’s size 8.5 to 9 winter boots to keep the wet and moisture out of the boots, b/c I kept getting boots that leaked !!! But I miscalculated the size. I bought the men’s medium thinking it could fit over women’s high tech large tread snow and hiking boots, but the Men’s medium overshoes are too large for that. The men’s medium rubber over shoes are really quite large but will fit a men’s size work boots, etc., perfectly.The men’s size small in these overshoes will fit for a women’s size 8.5 to 9 winter boots, and shoes, that do not have the thick treads and wider foot beds etc. So I regretfully had to return them. These are a great way to keep the snow, rain and mud off your smaller winter boots and to help if your boots are leaking.However, check the size charts for they are for men’s sizes. A men’s size 6-8 will fit a women’s size 8-10 in most cases if the women’s boots are not large tread wide foot bed hiking and snow boots.Read more

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