0C1118TVH29581 Minnetonka guys’s pile lined softsole slipper

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  • one hundred% cow suede
  • imported
  • artificial sole
  • undying fashion: minnetonka boasts a rich history that consists of a culture of cautious craftsmanship since 1946, handing over terrific nice footwear the usage of most effective the greatest materials to offer comfort, sturdiness, and undying style with each step
  • comfortable shoe healthy: the men’s softsole moccasins are made to stretch to the contours of your toes and wear pattern over time, ensuring that each pair of moccasin slippers in shape snugly and getting extra comfortable as you put on them
  • convenient sizing: each pair of suede moccasins run actual to length; confer with the convenient size chart icon to ensure accurate sizing earlier than shopping; in case your toes are one-of-a-kind sizes, make certain to measure the larger one for the exceptional healthy
  • greater than simply regular shoes: these guys’s moccasin slippers are in particular made constructed with suede leather and comfy thick pile lining that gives you an almost barefoot experience at the same time as preserving your toes flawlessly heat
  • flexible style: the rich suede colour, rawhide lacing, and whip stitch of every pair of our men’s softsole moccasins make sure that each step will provide a wealthy appearance and feel, adding a dash of style to any dresser whether you’re enjoyable indoors or going approximately your day exterior

product description

given that 1946, minnetonka has been a staple of yank style. As put up-conflict individuals took to the highways exploring the u . S .’s herbal beauty, they stumbled upon resorts and memento shops wearing conventional hand-crafted items. And inside the manner, rediscovered america’s authentic footwear in minnetonka moccasins.

nowadays, our merchandise may be seen everywhere in the international—from the boundary waters of minnesota to the streets of new york, london, and tokyo. Regardless of the footprint, all are made with the equal uncompromising craftsmanship the usage of handiest the best best substances. Minnetonka continues to outline american subculture with traditional layout that is forever related to our herbal, loose-lively background.

convenient sizing

every pair of moccasin slippers for guys runs genuine to length; talk to the convenient length chart icon to ensure accurate sizing earlier than buying; in case your ft are of various sizes, ensure to measure the bigger one for the fine in shape

cozy snug healthy

these guys’s suede moccasin slippers should fit snugly in your ft without feeling uncomfortable; over the years the moc slippers will stretch to the contours of your foot and wear sample, getting extra secure as you put on them

undying and durable

those moc slippers for men comes with plush pile lining preserving your feet heat and comfy; smooth and supple suede offers an almost barefoot experience; rawhide laces and a wealthy suede color give those moc slippers a undying fashion

product care

practice a suede protector earlier than taking your men’s moccasin slippers outdoors; if scruffs happen, seize a suede brush or toothbrush and lightly rub the scruffs away; for more difficult stains, upload a dab of suede cleanser or toddler shampoo


7, 8, 9, 9 Wide, 10, 11, 12, 13



7 reviews for 0C1118TVH29581 Minnetonka guys’s pile lined softsole slipper

  1. Bmaryano

    I generally like this moccasin. It seems well made and fits my feet as it should. It is firm enough to not fold up on standing, offering easy placement of my feet without using hands. Just slip right in! I wanted to have a pair with synthetic pile for when I react adversely to my LL Bean ones that have a sheep fur lining. The rub with this new pair comes from there being a label stitched into the insole over the pile of each shoe, so as to provide a point of irritation to the bottom of one’s feet. It is idiotic for the manufacturer/original vendor (Minnetonka) to apply this label on top of the soft pile, where it can easily pose a comfort issue. Importantly, the photo for this shoe erroneously showed NO label present, which misleads the customer (and I reported that fact). I learned from some reviews about this label issue, but (1) noted the amazon photo and (2) called customer service at Minnetonka to verify whether or not such a label was present. They told me that there was no label, obviously in error (not even knowing their own product). I am keeping the moccasins despite this grievance, but future amazon customers are suitably warned.Read more

  2. Jess C💜💚

    My first order I went with an size 11 for my husband (per his request) because he wears a 10.5 and they dont have half sizes. They were loose, I exchanged for 10’s and he couldnt be more satisfied. He said they were snug right off the bat, but within the day the were perfect! His words. His father always wore double leather Moccs so of course he always wanted a pair. He is quite pleased with them, he hates the rubber soled ones because he says they are shoes not Moccasins. If they ever wear out we will be more than happy to buy another pair but they are holding up amazingly because if he isnt wearing his work boots he is wearing those. Indoors and outdoors.Read more

  3. Jerry D. Morelock

    Although I wrote “fit as expected” I won’t know for certain until my father in law for whom I bought the slippers gets to try them on. He lives in Ukraine (gets COLD there in the winter, so he needs nice warm slippers) and my wife will personally deliver them when she visits next month. However, it appears to be the correct size (US 9, European 42) that is his shoe size, and since the leather laces allow the wearer to loosen or tighten the fit somewhat, I expect they will fit him just fine. I still wear daily my Minnetonka fur-lined leather slippers that I bought over 15 years ago — I adjust the lacing ‘tighter’ for summer wear with bare feet or thin socks, and loosen the lacing to accommodate thick, wool socks for winter wear. My satisfaction with my ‘old’ Minnetonkas is why I bought these new ones for my father in law when he asked us to obtain a pair of leather, unsoled slippers for him. These were shipped quickly, arrived in short order and look outstanding. Excellent product and excellent service. Price ($46) seems reasonable for a quality product.Read more

  4. Dave

    I have been buying these slippers as far back as the 1970’s and for about the last 10 years have been wearing them on a daily basis. This last pair I bought in 2014 were of much lower quality than than I have come to expect from Minnetonka. The leather is not nearly as thick, so the slipper has a tendency to collapse when trying to slip them on without using my hands. Also the pile lining seems to be thinner and less resilient to daily use. Wearing these, I also have created a hole in the rawhide stitching where the leather came loose from the rawhide and cannot be repaired. The previous pairs of these that I have bought have lasted up to 4 years or more, this pair didn’t even make it to 2 years before becoming pretty useless.Read more

  5. VRocker

    I’m a “Fred Flintstone” and I have a VERY difficult time finding footwear that fits me properly. New Balance size 10.5EEEE fits me like a glove.I ordered these in a size 11 hoping that they would shorten lengthwise and expand around the middle with wear……………and I think it’s going to work out!!I’ve been wearing them around the house for about 10 hours now and I’ve forgotten that they were on my feet a few times……. That’s rare for me with a house shoe. They’re not too hot which was also a concern……So far I’m very happy with these!!!! I’m glad I bought them!Read more

  6. vobsister

    I have worn these slippers for years and was looking forward to my new pair. However, this time there was a new feature: an uncomfortable, irritating label sewn/glued in right where one’s heels rest! The label is in both slippers. At first I thought there was a piece of debris in there. Nope! Someone thought it would be a good idea to make these slippers uncomfortable. I looked just now at the series of pictures to see if the view that shows the inside shows the label. It doesn’t. The pictures are not accurate. I have submitted a request to return these, with regret.(I considered trying to cut/tear the labels out, but thought it was likely that, besides disfiguring the slipper, I’d still be able to feel something amiss there.)Read more

  7. merklm

    These mocs last me 4-5 years of constant use around the house, which I think is fair enough. They’re extremely comfortable and plenty warm. What more do you want?You might not think that soft bottom mocs last longer than those with a hard rubber sole, but it’s true. This style not only looks better, it’s more comfortable and don’t fall apart as quickly as slippers that use a separate material for the soles. Having said that, I should add that I only wear these inside and the occasional trip into the garage or to the mailbox. I wouldn’t recommend them for wearing outside unless you don’t mind them getting extremely dirty. The only other issue I have is that after a few years the faux fur lining becomes pretty well matted down and even wears away in places. That’s probably to be expected, I guess. Also, the rawhide knot that ties off the whip stitching often comes undone, but I just retie it when that happens.Read more

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