0C1118RDOHH109 Overall performance guys’s samba conventional indoor soccer shoe

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  • 100% leather
  • imported
  • rubber sole
  • shaft measures about low-pinnacle from arch
  • platform measures about 0-three inches
  • boot commencing measures approximately zero-three inches round
  • complete grain leather upper with suede overlays provide assist and safety
  • embossed eva midsole for superior consolation
  • non marking gum rubber outsole for first-rate grip on all indoor surfaces

from the manufacturer

product description

firstly made for frozen pitches, the guys’s samba footwear dig into the information for idea. They function a swish suede higher with contrasting suede overlays, contrasting 3-stripes and a pivot-point rubber outsole for grip. For tight match, move one size down. For unfastened suit, go one length up. The way to measure-1. Area a bit of paper on a hard ground with one end against the wall. Vicinity their feet at the piece of paper with their heel towards the wall. 2. Mark the piece of paper where your toes give up with a pencil for both feet. It’s easier if you allow a person help you with this. 3. Degree your marking from the heel to the longest toe for both ft. Take the best fee and evaluate it to our sizing chart. Synthetic leather-based higher for mild weight and durability. Die-reduce eva insole for lightweight comfort.

there’s a cause this legendary indoor shoe still sells like mad. Perfection by no means goes out of fashion. Its soft leather-based higher and coffee-profile gum rubber outsole supply the elite participant ultimate control.

adidas is a call that stands for excellence in all sectors of recreation around the world. The imaginative and prescient of organisation founder adolf dassler has end up a truth, and his corporate philosophy has been the guiding precept for successor generations. The idea changed into as easy because it became excellent: to offer each athlete with the fine possible gadget. It all started out in 1920, when adi dassler made his first shoes using the few materials available after the primary global warfare. These days, the adidas product variety extends from footwear, apparel, and add-ons for basketball, soccer, fitness and schooling to journey, path and golfing.


6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5, 10, 10.5, 11, 11.5, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5, 14, 4.5 Big Kid, 5 Big Kid, 5.5 Big Kid, 6 Big Kid, 6.5 Big Kid, 7 Big Kid


Schwarz/White, White/Black/White, Black/White/Black, Core Black/Core Black/Shock Pink, Core Black/Scarlet/Collegiate Navy, Metal Grey/Shock Pink/Blue, Core Black/Collegiate Burgundy/Cloud White

7 reviews for 0C1118RDOHH109 Overall performance guys’s samba conventional indoor soccer shoe

  1. enid boring

    I am a huge fan of Sambas, and I have been wearing them for years. About two years ago, I ordered a pair from Amazon, and they were great – the same, true product I had been ordering from the corporate Adidas website. However, I was not as satisfied this time around. Immediately upon opening the box, I knew these weren’t the same shoes I had previously ordered, even though the page indicated that I had ordered the same item previously.Appearance: The glue around the sole that attaches it to the leather boot/sock of the shoe is sloppy, chunky, and visible. The sole itself is a totally different “gum” color than the previous pairs I own. I realize the color changes over time, but I have not ever owned a pair whose sole was very dark brown. Some of the eyelets for the shoelaces are not completely punctured, indicating poor factory quality. I would most likely need to stab a knife through the unpunctured eyelet to make way for the laces, but since I intended on returning them I did not do this. Finally, the leather looks incredibly cheap and plastic-y.Fit/Feel: As soon as I tried the shoe on, I knew it was not the same shoe I have been wearing for years. I have broken in SO many pairs of Sambas, so I am aware that they fit a bit differently when they are new, but these ones felt like stiff, sharp, plastic socks. I have been wearing the same size, 8.5, for 20 years, and the arch on this shoe did not fit in the same spot on my foot as all of my other ones. Also, these ones felt narrower (mostly by the pinky toe) than my other pairs. I have pretty narrow lady feet (which is why I like this style of shoe), so it’s rare when I find a shoe that is too narrow for me. These shoes definitely feel like a knock-off. I am just going to pay the extra money and order directly from Adidas.Read more

  2. Jayemaych

    I wore Sambas in my late teens (I’m now 39 years old). I’m convinced that either my feet didn’t matter to me as much back then (I also lived in Doc Marten’s year-round and in any weather conditions, so I was probably just “tougher” back then 😛 )….or that they have SEVERELY changed the insole in these shoes over the years. I don’t recall having any gripes with them back then. I bought a pair at an Adidas outlet several years back. Tried them on, and although the arch-support felt awfully “high” and stiff to me…I didn’t think much of it. I figured I’d get used to them in time. Wore them the whole next day, and when I got home…I literally felt like my instep was bruised. I seriously threw the shoes in the trash that night because I was so irritated with them.Flash-forward to about 2 weeks ago. I thought about getting another pair of Sambas…but even at a sub-$40 price-point…I couldn’t really justify buying another pair of shoes just to throw them in the trash again….so I did a little research. I figured I couldn’t possibly be the only person to think that these shoes were unfathomably uncomfortable. Almost torturously so. So I googled something like “uncomfortable Samba insoles” or something of the sort…and stumbled upon a true godsend. Some ingenious and benevolent soul uploaded a YouTube video that addressed my exact concern. Come to find out…the Samba insoles are VERY easy to remove. When you do so and flip them over…there is a white rubber piece that is attached with an easily removable adhesive that you can peel the entire arch-support off with literally no effort. Slip the insoles back in, and BOOM….comfortable Sambas. I will admit that even with the ridiculous arch-support removed, there is still a little more arch than I would prefer due to the shape of the shoe in general (I prefer my insoles virtually flat)…but it’s the difference between having a pair of shoes I can wear every day…and having a pair of shoes that would go immediately in the trash. If my above description of how to perform minor surgery on your Sambas is confusing, Google “How to remove samba insole” video….it’ll be the first thing that comes up in YouTube. It seriously couldn’t have been a quicker or easier fix. Without this “hack”…these shoes would be a negative 15 in terms of any kind of comfort unless you like your shoes with a ridiculous amount of stiff arch-support. Hopefully this review will help someone else that had the same issue as me, because for the price I bought them for (again…I got them for a little under $40) I doubt you’ll find a better value on a name-brand shoe…as long as you can comfortably wear them.Read more

  3. Jakeishness

    Shoes fit great and I modified the tongues so they’re short! Definitely better than spending 90-100 bucks on the short tongue versions! Lol simply cut the tongue and super glued them back together. Might sew them later but so far they’ve been fine. Also the laces cover up where I cut so no one is the wiserRead more

  4. CollegeReviewer

    This was my first pair of adidas in probably 10 years. I put them on and after about 30 seconds my feet started to hurts from the absolutely ridiculous “arch support”. I quickly researched how to remove the foam from the insole, and got to work.It’s actually quite simple:1. Remove insole2. Remove arch support foam3. Insert now perfect insoleNow these shoes fit extremely well, and are much more comfortable. I look forward to breaking them in and loving them for years to come!Read more

  5. Doyle C.

    Very disappointed. The sole of the shoe fell apart the third time I wore them. The circle tread on the bottom of the right shoe ripped out completely. I had Sambas before that lasted years. These lasted 2.5 indoor soccer games. I would like to return them but it’s too late. I will not purchase another pair from Amazon. I will buy my next pair from a local shop in hopes that they will take a return if this is a problem with adidas manufacturing.Read more

  6. MarieG

    These are NOT AUTHENTIC Addidas! They arrived in an box that looked authentic, but the shoe inside definitely WAS NOT. My husband has authentic Addidas and I bought him the exact same shoe as a replacement, and these do not even come close to the real thing. The tongue is not leather but a weird foam, I assume because that’s where the logo goes?? The gum sole was not correct either; completely different color and texture than the real thing. I do not recommend purchasing, especially when authentic Addidas are only around 10 bucks more.Read more

  7. lager2010

    Once liked this model but as some have noted they appeared to have changed the leather, it feels more plastic.The worse part is the rubber they use for the sole, it squeaks badly on tile and many other surfaces, this drove me nuts fast.I wanted to love them again but I just can’t.Oh, the arches seem higher as well and they glue the insole to the bed so you practically need to tear the shoe apart if you want to replace it something else.Read more

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