0C11187YTE9590 Browning lotion – all herbal rapid darkish tan 8 fl. Oz.

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  • all herbal rapid darkish tan
  • a local secret
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high-quality maui babe browning lotion is an vintage circle of relatives formula made from herbal hawaiian substances. It’s called a browning lotion due to the fact brown is what you need to be! Aloe facilitates provide herbal pores and skin safety and moisturizing blessings while the alternative components help sell a deep, darkish, durable tan with only a quick time inside the solar.


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8 reviews for 0C11187YTE9590 Browning lotion – all herbal rapid darkish tan 8 fl. Oz.

  1. amber

    Don’t waste your money..I purchased this at request of my teenage daughter, a little weary of the price but she paid so although I couldn’t swallow 40.00 for 8oz ( would have liked a sample to try first) she was paying. I opened and used on a hot sunny day when it came.. It stains your hands brown which is abnormal for an outdoor tanning lotion/oil/cream. It smells like pancake syrup and coffee which didnt help with the bugs outside let me tell you. And honestly it really didn’t even bronze me more than a regular 10.00 tanning oil. It leaves residue behind everywhere which to be fair most tanning products do but then everything smells like pancakes and coffee. Definertely not a miracle, definetely not worth the cost for 8 oz.Read more

  2. Bookwormy

    This stuff works. I’ve always tanned fairly quickly on my face and arms but my legs never really tan well. Not anymore. I spent 45 minutes in the sun and I already have tan lines and even my stubborn legs are noticeably darker too.Read more

  3. Ivy Raborn

    I had a tan that day! I was really shocked at how well this worked. It is tinted so obviously once I showered a little washed away. I was still amazed at how dark I was after so little time. The scent smells like a mixture of coffee and chocolate, which I’m not a fan of that. I still highly recommend it!Read more

  4. Amazon Customer

    I did get color with my first use! I have a tanning bed at home and used this the day it arrived. It is very greasy! Smells like coffee. It’s not a “bad” scent, just different. I would recommend it. Can’t wait to use it at the beach.Read more

  5. Kimski

    I’ve always had trouble getting a tan until I got this product. It does a great job and I probably won’t ever use anything else. However, I would definitely suggest applying regular spf before using this product, I learned this the hard way and was left with a brutal burn. The scent smells like pure soy sauce and the product itself pretty oily (makes your face break out if you don’t take it off right after), but this is my holy grail.Read more

  6. Mrs. Murph

    This stuff is AMAZING!!After 1st use could tell a major difference, and may tan lasted for 2 weeks!!Shipping was super fast and the product came packaged nicely and in bubble wrap. Be sure to wash your hands after applying, my hands looked a little orange, but it washed right off. The smell can be a little overwhelming, but for the results I can handle it! This is my go-to browning lotion for now on!! Thanks Maui Babe!Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Smells like a cross between chocolate and coffee which i can do without but i use it with the hawaiian tropic oils and it blends well. Love how dark our skin gets when using it. Got it while in Hawaii and it was said to be an island go to for good brown tans.Read more

  8. Kate

    I used this on one side and not the other and there wasn’t a difference. The texture is gross and sticky. Had to shower after coming in from the pool right away because I was sticking to everything and my clothes and I smelled weird.Read more

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