0C11180G5R9850 Body & hand first rate heaters – long lasting safe herbal odorless air activated warmers – as much as 18 hours of warmth – 40 individual warmers – 1

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  • safe, herbal long-lasting heat – odorless, disposable, single-use item, do not practice directly to the pores and skin. Tsa accredited. Made inside the united states the usage of domestic and imported substances.
  • to set off – dispose of hotter from outer bundle, shake to activate. Warmer heats up in 15-half-hour. If warmth decreases, reveal hotter to air and shake. After use, dispose with regular rubbish. Elements will no longer damage the environment.
  • multipurpose warmers – unmarried use air-activated heat packs that provide regular warm temperature and are perfect for retaining your frame heat while the temperature receives bloodless. They’re to be had in several patterns designed to your fingers, feet, and frame.
  • whilst to use: tailgating at activities, outdoor carrying occasions, looking & fishing, tenting & hiking, operating inside the yard, running or taking your pet for a stroll. Handy, compact, portable.
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!#0NEW Version, 40 Pack, .40 Pack, heats up in 15-30 minutes, . 40 Individual Warmers, 40 Pack, Natural

6 reviews for 0C11180G5R9850 Body & hand first rate heaters – long lasting safe herbal odorless air activated warmers – as much as 18 hours of warmth – 40 individual warmers – 1

  1. Ernest

    This set comes with 40 single wrapped packs of warmers (20 pairs). These are much larger than the dual pack sets and thus, last much much longer than the smaller sized dual packs. What most people don’t know is that while these packs have a finite heating time, that time can be put on hold if you cut off the oxygen to these large packs.I use these primarily for skiing / snowboarding. After returning to the car, I put the packs in ziplock bags. Then after I get home a couple hours later, I vacuum seal these with my FoodSaver. Once vacuum sealed, these use up the little remaining oxygen in the vacuum bags and then go right back to a cold dormant state. I’ve been able to get about 2.5 uses out of these with this method. Try it!Read more

  2. Paul Breines

    The manufacturer emphatically recommends against doing this, so it’s at my own–and a cat’s–risk, but, on the colder days and nights, for the past four winters in Boston, I’ve stuffed 5-8 of the 18 hour “Super Warmers” into a wool sock, which I then put into the small house that we have in the neighborhood community garden for an outdoor cat. The warmer-stuffed-sock makes a kind of heating log. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m the product’s best individual customer! But, a couple of people in the neighborhood contribute them, as well. When it’s 32 F or below, before putting the “log” into the little house, I often stroke the cat’s back and sides with it, which he likes. Especially when pressed together in the sock, the packets emit significant heat for 18-20 hours. Kind of amazing, but they actually do. As the “log” becomes hotter, the cat will leave contact with it, lying within an inch or so of it. For this cat, the Hot Hands have been lifesavers. He has never pulled the packets out of the sock, nor opened them, has shown no evidence ever of a burn, and he can push the “log” to where he wants it in the house. But, the manufacturer virtually has to say, don’t do this.Read more

  3. SimplyMe

    I buy these to put in shelters for community cats. Our winters can be brutal. I place a blanket with this warmer in the middle of it, so they do not get burned, and it provides warmth and comfort to these outside fur babies. I get the 18 hours ones and feel they make it through the night and into the morning with warmth. I have found that re-shaking them and playing with them for awhile will a lot of times reactivate the warmers for additional time and heat. I was throwing them out once they cooled and quite by accident found this brings heat into them, once again. So I do get 18 plus hours out of most of them. Would not be without them in the winter months.Read more

  4. R. Little

    Amazon’s star rating system designates 5 stars = I love it, 4 stars = I like it. The Super Warmers deserve five stars for delivering on their promise, but I find them excessively hot. If I had to use them in extreme conditions, I might feel differently. The price paid for the quantity offered is a bargain, but the less potent regular hand warmers might be a better value for some people. Bigger and hotter is not going to be as useful in many circumstances.These warmers are, indeed, SUPER, warmers. They are roughly twice the size of the typical individual “hand size”, but they pack more than twice the punch.Everyone’s field conditions are going to be different so there isn’t going to be a one-size-fits-all review anywhere here. The best I can do is contrast these with the smaller hand warmers and how I typically use those.I typically use the smaller hand warmers at the foot of a sleeping bag. On 30 to 50 degree nights in a tent, one small hand warmer (not these Super Warmers) usually does the job of keeping my feet warm. I would not dream of substituting the larger, super warmer in that application. The labeling even says to not use them when you sleep. There is also a warning about not using them if you are arthritic unless you consult a doctor (see attached photo for more warnings).I haven’t tried it, but the amount of heat the super warmer produces would suggest that it could serve as a “space heater” in a single or two man backpacking tent configured with a fly, especially if you had a small battery powered fan to circulate the air. I know this sounds ridiculous—backpacking, space heater, fan—all oxymoronic terms. I’m only trying to give you a sense of the energy that is packed into one of these Super Warmers.Just as the temperature rating of sleeping bags seldom seem to be accurate (conditions vary—the bag’s isolation from the ground, ground temp., tent use, wind, clothing worn, body fat, etc.) the amount of use you get from the Super Warmer is going to depend on many variables. I’ve never been ice-fishing, but if there is any circumstance where they might be especially appreciated, that would seem to be one. Or a hunter waiting in a blind for hours, unable to move around.Also note that the images Amazon has supplied with the product description show BOTH the Super Warmer and the smaller hand warmers that come two to a packet. The graphics might help you see their relative size in the palm of a hand.Final recommendations: Try to get a couple of these locally before you commit to a larger order. Anyone who is driving in severe winter weather conditions should have a supply of these in their safety kit.Read more

  5. brenda

    I purchased these with only one thing in mind. I have feral cats (they live outside) that have to stay outside in all weather. (most of the people that live with me are allergic to cats–but not me) I purchase to small dome houses for the cats lined it with warmth trapping blankets but it got very cold this winter. So I placed 3-4 of the 18 hour hand and body warmers in their houses. And, there they stayed all cozy and warm. I had to use lesser hour ones later in the season but did not get the same results.One of my son’s friends had put an opened hand warmer in her pocket, forgot about it until she put her hand in the pocket. It was actually hot.Read more

  6. LS

    Just a note here, the video shows the old style hand warmers. They came 2 in a packet. This year they’re making them double size and they come one in a packet so you get 40 in the box.Here are a couple of suggestions. I found that it is more effective to put it in my pocket for 10 minutes after shaking it. That way it gets good and hot. If I want to stop the activation I put it into a Ziploc bag and squeeze out the air before sealing. That stops the oxidation process. Another suggestion is to put one that’s already heated up between 2 hats to keep your head nice and warm; and your fingers and toes don’t get so cold because you’re not losing heat from your head.When I give these away I always give them in Ziploc bags.Read more

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