0C11180G5PB489 Hand heaters – durable safe herbal odorless air activated heaters – up to ten hours of heat – forty pair

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hothands hand warmers

hothands warmers are unmarried-use air-activated warmth packs that offer normal warmth and are best for keeping your frame heat whilst temperatures drop. They’re to be had in several styles designed for your hands, ft, and frame. Have you ever attempted all of them?

every in my view sealed hotter bundle incorporates 2 single-use heaters.

warmers use air-activated warmness designed to for easy on-the-cross warmth while you want it.

heaters have an envisioned shelf lifestyles of three-4 years, geared up to be opened each time wanted.

we’re proud to say our warmers are designed and manufactured out of dalton, ga.

product description

hothands heaters are single use air-activated warmness packs that offer everyday warm temperature and are best for preserving your fingers warm when the temperature receives bloodless. They offer secure, natural heat, so you can enjoy the extremely good outdoors throughout those harsh iciness months.


40 Pair


!#0 40 Pair, Long Lasting, .Black, Natural, Black

8 reviews for 0C11180G5PB489 Hand heaters – durable safe herbal odorless air activated heaters – up to ten hours of heat – forty pair

  1. Steven Housden

    If you don’t read anything else in my review just read this. WATCH THE PRICES. I had these in my wishlist all summer and they skyrocketed in price over night in the fall. Right now a box of 40 is about 10 bucks cheaper than I paid for them in the fall. Buy in the summer, On to the review…These were pretty good for me being out in the elements for 8 to 10 hours during the peak season around Christmas delivering your Amazon purchased Christmas Gifts. They fit right in my gloves nicely and are warm…the only thing I needed to do was take them out and expose them to the air a little bit every now and then. They seems to warm up a little more. I have used several brands of these hand warmers over the years and they are all designed the same.HERE IS HOW THEY WORK….. Hand warmers work through the magic of rust..yes rust. Iron in the pack when exposed to air starts to oxidize and its sped up by Salt in the packs as well. Carbon in he packs spread the heat around and vermiculite which helps the heat from escaping to fast. There are other things in there but that is the basic magic of hand warmers.Now know that bit of info you will have to decide which ones work best for you. These lasted nearly 7 hours in my pockets and gloves …Sometimes I would have to open another pack just for a few hours of heat. Like I said i’m out in the winter cold for 8 to 10 hours a day. Don’t think these are going to keep your hands super warm like you are holding them over a fire…they wont. However they will help you from getting frostbite. I also keep several of these in my Tahoe and my wife’s car for emergency purposes…Always be prepared, folks. They are cheap and could help save your life in dire situations specially if you have small children.Compared to other brands I have used and getting basically the same results from I start to look at the price. Why pay more for less..Right? Right. So this was the best deal for me. I used a lot of mine over one winter season and even had a few to give my fellow mailmen when they ran out.4 stars from me because they work and they work for long periods of star loss for the extreme price jumps all of the time. Just watch them in your wishlist and buy cheap. Trust me they will drop. I have bought 4 boxes of 40 of these over the years.If you are wanting more of a distributed heat and are in a situation where you can hold a warmer, they do make electrical hand warmers that run on rechargeable batteries. They sell a lot on Amazon..EnergyFlux, HotPods, Zippo,,,there is a lot to choose from..You may want to check those out.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments. I will respond. If you found my review helpful, let me know. Lets keep making better buying decisions together. Thank you and as always Be Safe & Happy Shopping!!Read more

  2. J.R.

    These require oxygen to activate so I pack them into an empty prescription pill bottle with an airtight lid when not in use. I place them inside my gloves on cold mornings for my 45 minute walk then pack them nice and tight in storage until the next morning. Each pair lasts about a week, takes about 15 minutes to heat up and needs O2 (oxygen) to produce heat. This is why these don’t work well inside a winter boot. There is not enough oxygen.Read more

  3. B. Beebe

    Great product. I have been using these for years. Keeps my hands warm no matter how frigid outside. I even use them all year when I go the grocery store. I have Reynaud’s Disease and my hands get terribly cold and numb when I am in the refrigerated sections of the store A pair of these helps tremendously.Read more

  4. Terri

    These work very well for walking the dog (or cat) for an hour or so. Done two or three times per day, have the hand warmers in my coat pockets. No need to shake them, in my pockets they stay until I return home.When they’re not being used, place them in a zip-lock sandwich bag, roll out the air and zip it closed until you need it again. Keep a mental note of how many hours this pair has been used so you’ll know when to open the next pair. Doing it this way, I’ve gotten 6 days out of one pair with no loss of heat with each rejuvenation!Read more

  5. katie campbell

    I added these into some goody bags I’m giving to the homeless. I’m super thrilled that I can buy it in bulk for a reasonable price!Read more

  6. Bruce W

    I have been using a different brand of hand warmers over the past couple of winters and actually ordered these by mistake. I realized it too late to cancel the order so decided to keep them and give them a try. Both my wife and I used these hand warmers in lite gloves almost every day on a recent hiking trip along the continental divide. They worked as good, if not even a little better, than the brand I had been using. We opened the package, shook the warming packets for a few seconds and put them in our gloves 15 to 30 minutes before starting out and they were already quite warm by the time we put the gloves on. They got quite hot within an hour and stayed hot all day long keeping our hands warm even in the cold, snowy, wet conditions. I have Raynaud’s Syndrome (cold fingers) making hand warmers an absolute necessity and these hand warmers kept my fingers warm in freezing weather while wearing only thin gloves. Based on several reviews I did check the expiration date when I received them to make sure that they were not expired and checked a number of the packages to see if any of them had solidified – everything checked out OK. Based on my experience with this first box of 40, I will order them again when needed.Read more

  7. Jason E. Trimble

    What a rip off. Just received a case of 40 pair of hand warmers. They expire in 8 months. I used a pair today and they barely warned up. I bought an assortment pack about a year ago and those don’t expire for another 2+ years.Read more

  8. Dion T

    My wife uses these frequently. Durable packaging easily survives being bounced around in a purse or glovebox for a while before use. Easy open mylar outer package. (Hint, if the “tear here” notch isn’t cut all the way to the edge, just fold the edge in slightly and tear.) The warmers themselves are soft cloth pouches that fit comfortably in your palm/pocket. The duration of the heat provided is exceptional. Easily a half day. Note: The warmers require oxygen to produce heat. If you clutch them tightly in your hand for long periods, the heat output will fade. To re-heat, just shake the pouch and place in a pocket for 5 minutes. These can get pretty warm, so I wouldn’t advise putting them against bare skin for long periods, or lying them on wood or painted surfaces either.Read more

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