0C11115SEG4638 Prepworks through progressive ceramic butter hotter fondue set

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  • butter hotter fondue set: those butter heaters hold as much as 5 ounces of your preferred dip & are the precise length for individual servings of butter. Tea mild candles maintain the butter in its liquid form.
  • high-quality layout: metal wire stands suspend pots over tea lighting fixtures, allowing you to serve best melted butter for dinner or dessert fondue. Dishwasher secure ceramic cups keep contents heat without burning.
  • meals prep made smooth: we offer kitchen add-ons that make food practise quicker, less complicated & greater fun, from fruit & veggie choppers to measuring spoons & cups & collapsible garage bowls.
  • fashionable design & strong functionality: our philosophy is simple—provide fashionable designs without a-nonsense capability. We understand the kitchen is the coronary heart of the house, where own family & pals join.
  • innovating kitchen necessities: we boast over forty years of innovating kitchen merchandise & housewares with particular gadgets & equipment for meals education plus thoughtfully designed meals storage bins.
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we create kitchen garage solutions and cooking gear to contribute to a healthier life-style even as ensuring those solutions are finances pleasant. Revel in cooking from scratch with merchandise that inspire using clean substances, attempting new recipes and exciting buddies and family.

innovative global boasts over 40 years of thoughtfully innovating kitchen merchandise vital to the ordinary cook. What started as a small own family of housewares products has grown into a collection of particular gadgets and tools devoted to meals guidance and storage.

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8 reviews for 0C11115SEG4638 Prepworks through progressive ceramic butter hotter fondue set

  1. TravelMax

    These look good but . I was using them to keep drawn butter warm while eating seafood however the design has the flame too far from the dish to keep it warm. It is better than using nothing meaning that the butter will not get cold as fast but its not enough heat or the heat/flame is too far from the bottom of the dish to keep butter warm. Wanted to love this product but it didn’t get the job done.Read more

  2. Rcolaci2

    I bought these when I decided to do crabs legs and other seafood for my son’s surprise 30th birthday party. A friend of his was going to do all the cooking for me and I looked at my collection of little bowls and decided I needed to do something different for melted butter. I ordered several of these; they come 2 to a box, I put one between every two people and everyone was so happy to have warm melted butter at the ready. I could add little pats if needed and they melted right away. I plan to buy more to give to the friend and his wife as I know they love seafood as well. I picked up an inexpensive bag of tea lights at my dollar store and I still have many left over for the next time.Read more

  3. Greg Greenlee

    The metal construction was shoddy and not level. The tea holder is too far from the ceramic bowl to allow any heat to warm or melt butter. Allowed the tea candle to completely burn down and there was only a minuscule amount of melted butter in the bottom of the ceramic bowl. There are no markings on the underside of the ceramic bowl indicating where it was manufactured which concerned me. Because of the cost it did not seem worth the effort to return so it went right in the garbage can after the first use. I tried to give it zero stars, but have to give it one star in order to submit. Anyone rating this item higher than that must live in a very warm climate.Read more

  4. Patricia A Irish

    We had 8 people for dinner on New Year’s Eve serving Lobster tails in our dining room. We placed the butter in the ramekins and a guest lit the candles as we were preparing to sit down for dinner. Within 5 minutes, the butter was boiling, popping and spraying all over the table and linen place mats. It was horrible! We had to blow out the candles and use the butter with no heat. The ramekins are small, hold very little butter, and do not fit in the stands properly. Terrible purchase! DO NOT BUY!Read more

  5. Dr. Jen

    So we started with two just to see if we liked them. We have used them for surf and turf (butter warmer) and it worked fantastic. We have also used it for a garlic butter mix and chocolate. It kept the butter melted without burning the garlic and it didn’t burn the chocolate. So now we know they work we have to get enough for the dinner set. I hope you and your family will enjoy these as much as we have.Read more

  6. hayley warshauer

    Worked great for melted butter with lobster and clams. Still had nice warm liquid butter at the end of the meal when there would normally be a congealed mess. Tip: Pre-melt the butter then pour into the dish. These would take a while to melt it on their own. No popping or explosions like some reviews on other products that get too hot.Read more

  7. april harper

    The utensils are made well and easy touse. The accessories added a touch of sophistication to my seafood boil. The price was great. I will be ordering more. My family loved them and wanted to know where I got them from.Read more

  8. Susan

    We received a set of crab hammers and picks for Christmas and realized that we didn’t have butter warmers and so bought these. Perfect. Butter stays warm and they complete our ability to have crab at home. The features ask if they can be given as a gift. Yes! They come in a set of two, nicely wrapped and nestled in a box just the right size for both of them. I am keeping them in the box for storage and the ability to take them to crab and lobster fests.Read more

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