0C110WLDTHJ533 Punchau lawn aerator shoes w/metal buckles and three straps – heavy obligation spiked sandals for aerating your lawn or yard

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  • promotes greener, more healthy lawns – garden aerator shoes permit water, fertilizer and air get down to grass roots, enhancing the fitness of your garden.
  • 3 long lasting straps w/ metallic buckles – our shoes characteristic sturdy metallic buckles that may not damage, not like other garden aerator sandals that have flimsy plastic buckles.
  • one size suits all – our lawn aerating footwear have a sturdy base and twelve 2″ spikes.
  • short and convenient – certainly wear those spiked sandals when on foot your lawn for immediate and easy garden aeration.
  • most inexpensive, easiest answer – lawn aeration footwear are less expensive than an aerator gadget rental, and less difficult than using a hand garden aerator!

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designed to provide a reliable tight match round any shoe, including girls’s. The strong metal buckles, and straps will comfy the long lasting plastic base for your feet so that they do no longer slip inside the shoe/sandal as you stroll.

without a doubt take those absolutely assembled lawn aerator footwear out of the box, and strap them on. No time wasted placing the footwear together! Walk around your grass, and take steps to a healthier lawn.

our garden aerator footwear are made of long lasting metal and plastic a good way to work in maximum tough or gentle soils. They also can face up to stepping on rocks hidden below your lawn. *it isn’t always encouraged that you stroll on different surfaces in those shoes consisting of concrete.

earlier than

roots are small, and un-nourished within hard compacted soil. Compacted soil does no longer permit water, and key vitamins to reach down similarly into the soil to help root boom.


roots are allowed to flourish after receiving air, water, and key nutrients deep down in unfastened, un-compacted soil. Deeper roots and extra nutrients allows for a greener, thicker lawn.

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8 reviews for 0C110WLDTHJ533 Punchau lawn aerator shoes w/metal buckles and three straps – heavy obligation spiked sandals for aerating your lawn or yard

  1. Hawkeye249

    EXACTLY as advertised!I could have rated them 5 stars,..I’m not a golfer and didn’t play football during my youth.Therefore, I wasn’t prepared for the nuances of having spikes under my boots.You can’t wear them on pavement and even though the straps are convenient,putting them on and taking them off is a task – for a 68 year old.So, after wearing them while mowing my front yard, I wanted to continueby doing between the sidewalk and street. It’s a nice sidewalk, smooth and WIDE.I wasn’t sure I could step over it without falling, so I crawled across on hands and knees.A neighbor was concerned that I was having a health problem and called out to find out.I replied “No, the only problem at this time is mental illness.” And showed her the spikes.Since I’ve only worn them once and haven’t mowed the back yard, which is larger,they may prove to require too much energy to walk and mow at the same time.I’m confident I could wear them and walk my yards without mowing easily.The soil is sandy here, so the spikes easily penetrate.Might help that I weigh 230 pounds …I WOULD buy them again and will recommend them to fellow Floridians.Read more

  2. Big Orange PharmD

    As the instructions state, pick your foot straight up out of the ground, otherwise the straps will work loose. In addition to aerating your lawn this is a good workout for your calves & thighs. This is what mine looked like after one treatment of my yard.Read more

  3. Joe Average

    Pros: good quality hard plastic. The stainless steel nails are solid enough that I was able to walk on concrete with these without trouble and I weigh in at 250lbs. Reasonably pricedCons: Started raining so the ground was wet. Ran into clumping issues which meant that as I walked around the holes became uneven, and didn’t reach full depth. Also, walking in these to aerate takes forever even for a small yard.Other thoughts: I will be using these as arm guards in the Zombie Apocolypse or post nuclear apocolypseRead more

  4. Nicole

    I just used the shoes for the first time yesterday and it is actually kind of fun stomping around the yard making holes and having my neighbors stare out their windows at the odd girl in the house across the street. Other than the ankle twisting that comes along with finding that large rock hidden just beneath the soil, it was very easy. I am pretty small, 120 lbs, so I had to really stomp and jump up and down in some areas of my yard where the soil is hard, but I treated it like a really weird workout. I can’t wait to see if this will help breath some new life into my struggling lawn.Read more

  5. Wren

    Each nail on the bottom requires screwing on a nut to hold it in place, which wasn’t difficult, just time consuming. Plan on having the TV on while you spend a while assembling the shoes. Feeding the straps through the slots takes a lot of looking at the photos, as the directions aren’t clear, and be sure to have scissors and a lighter handy because the straps can be so long you keep stepping on them and will probably need to shorten them (the lighter is to fuse the cut edge so it doesn’t unravel over time). Put them on while sitting on a chair at the edge of the lawn, and walking will feel like trudging through mud. Wearing boots or high-top shoes is better than low-cut, as the upper strap sits high. For the price, it’s a reasonable way to aerate your lawn.Read more

  6. gg7aph

    I have a brand new lawn, laid at the beginnig of this summer. It has no stones in it to twist my ankle on as others have mentioned here. Yet one of these broke immediately – one the SECOND step I took. Worthless.Read more

  7. Phil Tatman

    This is also excellent at dethatching your lawn too – see pic. I ended up removing five “pairs of shoes” worth of thatch from my lawn as well aerated it. I’ll probably do this two more times this spring. Very happy. Worth noting they get unstable as the thatch builds up. Be ready to roll an ankle, consider using trekking poles. Hopefully you like walking, it takes time to get your lawn done.Read more

  8. Andie R.

    I have a small backyard in a new build community. The builder barely put enough soil down. I’ve never had to put so much effort into maintaining such a small yard. It’s insane. THAT SAID… our soil is also very rocky. So I was doubtful these would work. But low and behold- I watered it for a good hour just to give myself a headstart. Then strapped these puppies on and hobbled about in the most comedic fashion. I want to break out into a song about how ” I aerate my lawn at night… so I can, so I can fall up on my *** in the dark”. But hey- if it keeps me from having to rent an aerator or hire a pro at big bucks… then this barely $30 is worth every dime. Plus the cardio workout. lol Luckily I’m not a lightweight. I do wear a size 10 shoe as well. I can’t imagine these working for a lightweight petite person. Obviously that will depend on your lawn. But exercise caution- my lawn is very flat (minus the thatched clumps) but I can definitely see someone twisting an ankle if not careful.These feel fairly sturdy. I had my husband assemble them (ha ha ha) I am definitely going to cut the straps. The buckles seem to hold okay. We’ll see- I only got half the yard done before the mosquitoes struck with a vengeance. :DOnly time will tell if these are effective beyond their actual physical use- but that won’t be the products fault. They penetrated the ground and exceeded my expectations already.Read more

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