0269A58434Y794 College area – addition & subtraction workbook – 64 pages, ages 6 to 8, 1st & 2d grade math, region price, regrouping, truth tables, and extra (school sector i know it! Workbook series)

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    8 reviews for 0269A58434Y794 College area – addition & subtraction workbook – 64 pages, ages 6 to 8, 1st & 2d grade math, region price, regrouping, truth tables, and extra (school sector i know it! Workbook series)

    1. FamousAmos

      This is a great math book! My son actually requests it! That’s right…he’ll ask to do the pages unprompted.And for those who say some problems give a negative answer, you’re reading the directions at the top wrong. It says: form a math sentence…and shows the example of 4 turtles very close to 6 turtles and the math sentence they wrote out in the example is 10-6=4. Just because you thought it meant 4-6=-2 doesn’t mean it’s wrong. You read it wrong. Look at the example first. And also…what’s wrong with teaching negative numbers if you go that route? Getting ahead!Read more

    2. N. Jones

      I don’t think they should be learning negatives at this point! 4 pages in total like the images I am posting. None of the answers are right at the back of the book for these subtraction pages. Very confusing to my son, had him move to another book. Will use it for addition, can’t go wrong there! Will not go with this company again.Read more

    3. LifeIsGood

      Very good price. There is no negative value problems. I didn’t understand the problem at first but when I saw the answer on the back, I got it. I homeschool my daughter. She’s seven. This is the first stand alone math workbook she owned. I ordered in July. I realized it got hard pretty fast (two digit addition and subtraction with regrouping) and my daughter needed more repetition, more practice with simple numbers. So I ordered Kumon math workbooks grade 1 addition, grade 1 subtraction. She plowed through it (doing 6pages a day). When she was done with those two books, she came back to this workbook. Now she was ready for it. She did two pages a day. She has two pages left. I asked her if she wanted me to order next book from School Zone or Kumon. She said School Zone because it is more colorful.Read more

    4. W Givens

      Ordered this to do some work with my six year old. On the second page, first page dealing with subtraction, there was an equation where the answer was a negative number. Seems that would be more appropriate for later down the road and definitely with some explanation.Read more

    5. Tiffany

      I want to keep my son going throughout the summer so I bought a couple of different School Zone workbooks. This one and the workbook for Word Problems. My son goes to a private school that teaches Kindergarten at a first grade level so I want him to hold onto the skills that he has learned when he starts first grade this upcoming school year. This is a great workbook with colored pages, which I love! It starts out basic but by the end of the book they are borrowing numbers for subtracting double digits. I couldn’t believe his teacher was having them do this but kids really can do more than we think they are capable of. At first, Distance Learning was a headache and super stressful, but I’m thankful for it now because I got to see first hand what was expected of my son. I received the workbooks today and my son completed 4 pages in each book because it’s fun!! I’m writing this review now so that any parents out there who are looking to find good workbooks will consider buying these. I wish School Zone made workbooks for more subjects. Also, as a side note, Handwriting Without Tears is great for handwriting skills.Read more

    6. maddiedog

      I read reviews of people saying that this introduces negative numbers…. It doesn’t. Those users just cannot follow directions. This is a fantastic workbook (I was a math teacher before I had kids), and helped me a ton while trying to work from home and keep my 6-year-old learning during COVID. He enjoyed it, the pictures are easy to understand and read, and it was quick and super easy to grade. Get this one. It’s worth it (just read the dang directions!).Read more

    7. Prophet

      Excited for my homeschooled to dig into this workbook. Gives cute visuals to make learning feel light and fun. Which is important when it comes down to a subject like math. I really like all of the School Zone workbooks. Overall I think it’s a great workbook! Even come with a cute certificate at the end. :)Read more

    8. His Little Angel

      We have a child newly placed in our care that simply cannot do the on-target packets sent home from this, her new school district. Nor can they access her IEP to send appropriate work due to all the closures in her old district. What to do??? Amazon workbooks saved the day. The new district knows us well enough that they agreed to accept work I provided, which is developmentally appropriate for her. This book is colorful, has varying content that doesn’t get boring, it’s easy for me to check, and many pages have simple teaching lessons up too that show a child how to do the task. I wouldn’t change a thing.Read more

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