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    1. Sht2350

      I just finished the book: Ruby in the Sky. As an educator for 23 years, I choose my read alouds very carefully because it is the most important part of the day in my classroom. If you are looking for a book to bring your class together, teach empathy and the challenges of finding your own voice this is a must read. I will be reading this book to my 4th grade class, but I believe it could be read up into middle school and beyond. Topics such as, space, Apollo 11, phases of the moon, astronauts, criminal justice, immigration, empathy, friendship, socio economic diversity, gender equality and more are woven throughout this book. There’s even a dog. <3 Check it out!Read more

    2. M. Pierce

      For me, a good book tells a satisfying story with well-drawn characters I can connect with and care about. A really wonderful book builds on that and shows me something true that I hadn’t realized I needed to know — in this case how hard, but how utterly important it is to learn for ourselves how to stand tall and be brave. The way we learn that is different for all of us, and that’s okay.Ferruolo does an amazing job of creating characters who walk right off the page and and show me who they are. Along the journey I learned about ruby moons, how to get chickadees to feed from your hand, how to simulate flying while wearing snow shoes, and what a “Game Changer” is (trust me, you’ll want one). Masterful storytelling. I look forward to more.Read more

    3. Carmella

      This gorgeous middle grade debut deserves all the praise it’s already attracted. A lonely girl, Ruby, and her mother, running from a mysterious tragedy, arrive in a small Vermont town in the dead of winter–financially broke and emotionally broken. Ruby befriends an eccentric old neighbor, a woman the townspeople call “the bird lady” who has a tragedy in her own remarkable past, and slowly begins to earn the woman’s trust, and to learn to trust herself. A Syrian refugee in her class, Ahmed, helps Ruby break out of her shell and find her voice. In the process Ruby learns to stand up for herself and for others.This novel handles its themes so gracefully. Space exploration, the moon walk, the justice system, feminist themes, the natural world, care for and love of wild things, immigration, kindness, empathy, and creating a space for the truth, even a difficult truth, to thrive are all woven together seamlessly. Ruby’s relationship with the aging Abigail, and her determination to bring her fascinating story to light, is especially poignant.Read more

    4. kiperoo

      Oh my goodness, this book! I cried several times while reading this emotional story about a girl finding home where she least expects it. The story simmers with rough, realistic elements: a tough family past, Ruby’s painful shyness, and her path to rewarding yet unconventional friendships. I just loved everything about it (and love that it made me cry). Fans of Lynda Mullaly Hunt’s work will love this book!Read more

    5. ldemont

      Heartwarming story perfect distraction from the noise our kids are faced with! Nothing better than reading a good book. Order today!Read more

    6. Kevin Fattor

      I read this book with my 10 year old daughter. We were both engrossed with the story, loved the characters — and the ending was incredibly well done. Just beautiful. Super duper recommend.Read more

    7. Keith

      This is a great book that can teach students the importance of not judging people harshly before you know them.It also teaches about how interesting it can be to get to know people from other cultures, religions, and backgrounds. It has some great information about lunar eclipses as well, and the importance of the females who worked for the space program back in the 1960’s and beyond.Read more

    8. Tammy brown

      Ruby in the Sky is an amazing story and so befitting to the times. The characters will include you in their lives. I highly recommended this book for my sixth graders.Read more

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