01AA2957317657 The five minute magazine: a happier you in five mins a day authentic writer of the five minute journal – easy day by day guided format – increase gratitude & happiness, existence planner, gratitude listing

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  • the only way to start your day happy – the usage of the technology of high quality psychology to enhance happiness
  • the undated daily layout: a structured format to reinforce your happiness in five minutes an afternoon with thoughtfully designed prompts that consist of: gratitude, prioritizing your day, 3 outstanding things, inspiring fees, each day confirmation, quit of day self mirrored image.
  • the strength of retaining a gratitude magazine: the 5 minute journal is created with main psychology studies. Feel better tiers of tremendous emotion, greater joy, optimism & happiness; experience less tension, loneliness, and isolation.
  • how it works: the 5 minute journal is broken up into sections: a morning ordinary phase and a night time ordinary segment. The journal’s format affords proposal and motivation at some stage in the day and might help to enhance mental fitness.
  • brilliant value: the five minute magazine lasts for six months of daily journaling. That is the only issue you can do to start your day glad, the journal you may honestly stick with you week after week.
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the gear to positively trade your existence

the five-minute journal is the simplest element you can do to begin and stop your day happier. It helps you cognizance on the advantageous and come to be greater aware. Discover how you could make the maximum of every day in just five mins.

medical studies display the importance of gratitude

the greater true science center at the university of california, davis conducted a multi-yr study on the exercise of gratitude. Right here are their findings on the blessings of working towards gratitude:

  • better degrees of high-quality emotion
  • extra pleasure, optimism, and happiness
  • feeling much less lonely and isolated
  • acting with extra generosity and compassion
  • more potent immune systems
  • take and use the five-minute journal anywhere

    the five-minute journal is extremely good to apply right away while waking up and at the stop of the day earlier than mattress.

    take the 5-minute magazine with you while you are operating or reading to help you stay thankful and mirror on what subjects.

    the 5-minute magazine is an absolute vital when travelling, make sure to deliver it with to mirror on all of the outstanding memories you will make.

    this magazine is the precise coffee-date, convey it with to a cafe and learn to love spending reflective time to your personal.

    sturdy, dependable difficult cowl

    the hardcover of this journal facilitates defend the valuable pages internal. It additionally provides a sturdy floor to jot down on, making it even less complicated to apply this journal anywhere.

    truely guided shape

    the 5-minute journal functions approachable and structured physical games will lead you down a direction towards an enhanced version of the man or woman you already are.

    considerate prices

    the magazine functions inspiring and powerful quotes that help inspire and provide perception while writing.

    neutral toned design

    the smooth, impartial tone of this journal provides the proper relaxing backdrop to remain, calm and reflective as you take a second to report your gratitude.

    merchandise that will help you create clever change for your existence

    the five-minute magazine gives each day guided gratitude sports and is the perfect device to hone your ability to cognizance on the coolest in life. This magazine is designed to get you to elevate your self, be happier, improve relationships, and shift your mind to kingdom of optimism.

    the productiveness planner is the ideal tool in case you are looking to placed procrastination at bay and get stuff carried out. It allows you prioritize and attain your maximum important tasks.

    the five-minute magazine for children is designed to attention young minds on the great things of their lives, fostering gratitude and retaining wonderful recollections for future years. It’s far critical to start constructing healthy habits while younger, and journaling is no exception.

    approximately clever alternate

    our motive is to manual you in the direction of becoming a happier, extra efficient, and wiser model of your self. We intention to assist you on a continuous journey of getting to know that ends in a brand new you. We live in a global that is unexpectedly changing and it’s critical to change with it at an identical momentum.


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    8 reviews for 01AA2957317657 The five minute magazine: a happier you in five mins a day authentic writer of the five minute journal – easy day by day guided format – increase gratitude & happiness, existence planner, gratitude listing

    1. Hb4139

      I am a 3rd year college student and I work 3 jobs. Life is stressful, I also struggle with anxiety. Because of all this I’ve had trouble being happy and accepting myself. Things have been pretty rough lately with family, school, my housing sitution, and work and I just wasn’t happy. I started looking into guided journals and trying to be more positive. I stumbled upon this one after watching Mimi Ikkon’s youtube video on her morning routine. She seems very happy with her life and I liked her energy and pisitivity. I ran into this book at Urban Outfitters and it was expensive, so I bought it on amazon.If you follow the instructions on this journal (don’t skip the preface) you will start to change your way of thinking. Along with changing my eating habits and trying to appreciate the little things my life has been less stressful and I see myself being more positive. My resolution/goal this year was to cut out toxic people and toxic things and be more positive. This journal is one of the tools helping me achieve that. Thank you!Read more

    2. Amy Young

      I love this journal. I have had an extremely hard time just “dealing” with everything life was throwing my way. I was becoming a bitter, angry and jealous person. I took a break from social media and ordered this journal. It has made the biggest difference for me. I am so much more aware of what wonderful things my life holds. I love that it is a morning and afternoon thing because I like to start the day with expectations and affirmations and then at the end of the day see they came full circle. It has honestly been the best thing (other than praying) that I have done for my mental health. I would recommend this to everyone. I actually wish I could hand them out at work!Read more

    3. Randa Zogheib

      I am guilty of having collected dozens of journals and notebooks throughout my life, with the same results every time: excitedly writing in them for a few days (or a few weeks if I’m lucky) and then slowly forgetting about them- mostly due to the amount of time and energy it takes to keep one up.If you’re like me- this is the perfect answer! It truly takes 5 minutes to fill out the section and it is difficult to find an excuse NOT to do it each day.After giving up for years, I was prompted by the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod (a great book!) to take up journaling/scribing and found this wonderful journal.A few things I love about this journal:1) The through explanation of the science behind the carefully chosen daily prompts2) The excellent quotes at the top of each day- they are carefully selected and truly motivational3) The way it is clearly divided into a morning and an evening section4) The beautiful cover- it feels like linen/cloth and it looks high quality and expensiveThe best thing about this journal is that if you follow it the way it is intended- filling it out upon waking and before going to bed everyday- it will re-center you and provide balance and positivity to your life.________________________________*The morning prompts are:I am grateful for:1) 2) 3)What would make today great:1) 2) 3)Daily affirmations. I am…*The evening prompts are:3 amazing things that happened today:1) 2) 3)How could I have made today better?_________________________________Note: I like ending on a more positive note than focusing on what I didn’t do well enough (even though that last question is phrased as positivity as possible), so I am considering adding my own question at the very bottom that says “What am I looking forward to tomorrow?”BOTTOM LINE: I genuinely look forward to writing in this journal twice a day. This is a journal I really see myself completing for the entire year, for the first time in my life. This is great for people like me who have difficulties sticking to something, who would like a stepping stone to a more traditional journal, or who just want to focus on the positives in life and are looking for a tool to assist in becoming an all-around more emotionally balanced individual.Read more

    4. Kelli Brownlee

      I recommend the 5 minute journal to anyone who struggles with taking a moment to plan, evaluate & be grateful. It’s also a great tool if you’re a writer or communicator and need to be writing every day. I am so pleased with this purchase!Read more

    5. Alison Prewitt

      This book has about 20 pages explaining why the book is what it is, then over 200 pages with the exact same 5 questions on it, and a quote. Seriously. This is a waste of paper. Quite honestly the silliest thing I’ve ever purchased (and returned) – the people who made this are laughing at all the money they’re making.Read more

    6. Edward & Theresa

      I researched a LOT of gratitude journals before selecting this one. What I like in particular about the Five Minute Journal:- It includes an introductory section that explains the brain science behind this habit, including an exercise to make a personal commitment and think of preemptive strategies to keep you on track (plan for success!);- It covers multiple disciplines beyond just acknowledging gratitude: also encourages affirmations, daily goal visioning (which rewires the brain to focus on positive things), and random challenges for the sorts of things that seem simple but that we never seem to get around to doing. All bite-sized and very manageable to write every day;- You write both a.m. and p.m. – in the morning, focusing on things that you are grateful for, and in the evening, things that happened on that specific day to celebrate. Makes gratitude more tangible/real. Also the p.m. section has a section for what could have made the day even better, which plants a seed in your mind for the next day or future.- the hardcover is nice and the paper quality also, so it feels luxurious to write. I recommend using a nice pen. :-)- it REALLY does only take 5 minutes, if that!Read more

    7. Nick Papajorjio

      $40?! Worth it the first time but now I’m ready for my second copy and I think I’ll just write the things on a notepad. They should figure out a way to incentivize repeat purchases.Read more

    8. katleon03

      Love this journal! It helps me contemplate the good parts of my life and the things I need to appreciate. I feel much more positive and willing to look on the brighter side :)Read more

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